SUPERNATURAL Season 9 Mid-Season First Leg Wrap-up!



Okay SPN fans and readers!!  It has come down to the wire for our intrepid heroes, Sam, Dean, Castiel, and finding an unlucky alliance with Crowley once again, this time, with little to no tricks (at least on the surface).   Let’s review what happened at midseason onward here..


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Cas’!! How disGRACEful of you! XD


At midseason end to second half on, Castiel is taken prisoner by Malachi, but quickly breaks himself free, steals the grace of one of Malachi’s lackeys, angels up, finds and calls Dean to warn about the upcoming war and that Sam’s vessel-ed angel is revealed no longer to be soldier angel Ezekiel.  He is revealed to be the legendary angel Gadreel, disgraced and originally incarcerated by the Father for failing in his mission to guard the garden against any evils and allowed lucifer into it…  Metatron sees the peculiarity in him and offers to have him get a second chance at setting things right (or how he, Metatron sees fit) for Heaven’s new story and glory.  As Gadreel decides to an alliance with Metatron, Metatron gives him a note to kill someone as a way of proving his loyalty.  It ends with killing Kevin Tran, this happening with Sam, being discovered by Dean, as NOT being Ezekiel.  Dean, since, in rage for Kevin’s merciless death, asks Castiel and also reluctantly makes a deal with Crowley for them both to help him take down Sam and expel Gadreel from him.


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Unexpected and unfortunate…


With Crowley’s angel hacking techniques, success is made, Gadreel is revealed within Sam, Dean, and particularly Castiel(who is very angry at him for being the cause of most of what unbalanced Heaven with the Father in the first place).  With more assistance from Crowley helps Sam expel Gadreel who then becomes vesseled in another body later.  Kevin becomes a ghost among Sam and Dean’s presence when they are present inside the MoL(Men of Letters) Bunker.  We soon learn Kevin is trapped in the veil between worlds of the living and the dead, as are many  departed good souls originally Heaven-bound, due to Metatron’s vile lock-down of the Pearly Gates. Finally, much relieving news to Kevin being through communication with other souls in the veil, he finds out his mother is still alive and Sam and  Dean make their way to finding and rescuing her from some old leftover loyal minions of Crowley’s.  Linda takes the news amazingly well that Kevin has died and remains a spirit, and both are reunited.  Sam and Dean promise to get Kevin onto Heaven one way or another.



Uneasy reunion

Then we now return to yet another struggle, the biyach is back again…yes, we are talking about queen demon knight Abaddon.  Sam and Dean, more particularly Dean, along with Crowley as uneasy alliance, have traveled on and met the one and only Cain.  Yes, that is right, the original, Old Testament figure himself, now revealed to be head knight of hell trainer and the only demon entity powerful  enough to kill any and all of the knights of hell… and is looking to one day eliminate Abaddon himself.  After Dean and Crowley reveal themselves to him and Dean courageously proves he is willing and unafraid to take on the ultimate responsibility of killing Abaddon, Cain offers him the Mark of Cain, the tattooed sigil mark that enables the chosen one to take The First Blade, the only capable of killing Abaddon or any knight of hell whatsoever.  However, Crowley is tasked with finding the blade as it was last tossed by Cain somewhere at the bottom of an ocean after losing his one true love in the human world at the hand of Abaddon.



That left a mark (of Cain)… and Dean overwhelmed with the first taste of the First Blade Kill Power.


Unsuccessful, Crowley loses sight of his mission temporarily, gets high off human blood, until he gets wind of recent mole leaks from one of Crowley’s supposedly devoted minions to Abaddon about The First Blade.  This, forces Crowley to wisen up and kill off his traitorous demon lackeys. Sam and Dean make Crowley get his game together once again, and have him help them find the blade, which has turned up in the possession of a long-forgotten and lost former member of the Men of Letters, Cuthbert Sinclair. Sam, Dean, and Crowley make their invited way in to Sinclair’s lair, but soon learn the man is only interested in collecting Dean(with the Mark of Cain) as a pair to the now revealed First Blade in his possession. Dean and Crowley(with Sam now, whisked away back topside) end up having battle with the Sinclair with Crowley providing a distraction while Dean ,the Blade given to him to try on size, has an unusual and deliriously powerful effect on him.  With Crowley’s distraction, Dean musters himself strong with the blade and  kills Sinclair with one snap, decapitating him.  As Dean and Sam reunite topside once again, Crowley subdues Dean and Sam back and takes possession of the Blade for them to use later, knowing full well Dean and Sam have discussed not allowing him to live after Abaddon is destroyed.  Crowley is later self-tasked with bringing Dean to his senses to lose his now developed “fear” of taking up the blade once more, ever since his first taste of power-wielding it back earlier. Meanwhile, Sam encounters the mysterious Julie Wilkinson(former nun of a convent and familar acquaintance of Sam/Dean’s Grandfather Henry Winchester and The Men of Letters) on a baffling case of murders, Along with Julie, Sam then encounters one of Abaddon’s lackeys and makes a frighening discovery.   That Abaddon is harvesting and mining human souls into demons for her own personal army to begin a massive revolt against all inhabitants, angel, human, or otherwise, for the ultimate control of earth.


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A while back, Sam had no soul, now he has quite a few to set free and return to their owners…


Now here we are… at the last leg of this season’s adventure, its back to Castiel…  While Cas’ has been successful in gaining the trust of groups of angels once again in his mission against Metatron, after defeating the much feared Angel Rebellion Leader Bartholomew(not much of a challenge surprisingly)…he, Sam, and Dean are taking on Gadreel and Metatron.. Now, Metatron, much like Abaddon, has taken his own method of treachery to another level.  That which is with killing various angels and other individuals by literally writing them out in his storybook. Sam takes to his own confronting of Gadreel with a holy fire inquisition to rally a confession for Kevin’s killing, the lies and deceit with him, Dean, and Castiel, and to rat-out Metatron for the takedown once and for all.


Metatron gives himself the right to play God…Hmmm…


It is interesting, as always, to see where Carver and company are headed with the story by season’s end.  We can only hope it is an exciting shocker like last Season was(with SOME resolve the same).  We will follow up at Season’s end and see what you all think then. Catch SUPERNATURAL at its regular time 9 pm/8c Tuesday, April 15th, and every Tuesday till season’s end on the CW.




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