Here are we again with this week’s Prognosis!! SUPERNATURAL, taking a SLIGHT detour this week off of keeping wary of Crowley’s underhandings, and waiting on Kevin’s next transcription of the Word of God demon tablet for the trial on closing hell’s gates. Sam and Dean go this time to help an old cop friend turned warlock stop mysterious murders the warlock cop “thinks” he may have committed.

We then move onto THE WALKING DEAD.

The new “Walker Bomb” seige at the prison enacted by the evil Woodbury Governor has now cooled to a lower degree. However, now, along with confronting Hershel, Daryl, Glenn and even his own son, on the matter…Rick must decide on taking hiatus on leading the group due to his current mental and physical stresses. But the new revelations about in the form of Andrea’s reuniting with her old friends at the Prison, and Merle’s rejoining the group with a watchful eye from either Daryl, Glenn, and Rick for any treachery have set off some new concerns for the future of our heroes… and maybe their stay in the prison overall.

The prognosis begins NOW!



Again, SUPERNATURAL never fails to get around with new and different encounters/battles on just about everything major in the paranormal world. And again, this time out…its a detour with Sam and Dean helping out an old friend cop turned warlock, James, at the request of his gorgeous familiar sidekick, Portia, wanting to save him from danger. As it turned out the murders the friend thought he envisioned committing were plants in his minds by another jealous rival fellow cop turned warlock the same.

Well, in the final showdown, Sam and Dean, with the help of the James’s familiar Portia, in canine form, were able to get the evil warlock destroyed but not without one critical, somewhat nostalgic (to fans) moment taking place. This was In the form of the evil warlock’s memory head spells holding Sam and Dean at bay with painful recalled memories of Sam’s and Dean’s times in hell respectively and in Dean’s tragic rememberance of their mother’s murder long ago…

While these memories were painful to Sam and Dean, it re-affirmed Dean’s committment to Sam to let him end the Trials and closing of hell’s gates…


Sam and Dean light a Witch Bomb!

Then, the all too soon forthcoming of Sam’s deadly sacrfice for the trials (noted in last week’s Supernatural thoughts on last week’s Prognosis) came out in the form of Sam concealing a sudden cough of blood.

(SIDENOTE: The Warlock did not take particular reaction to the brothers’s memories too…odd.. I would have been rather disturbed. Heheh..)

A small few thoughts and questions are raised out of this… With those painful memories laid out, one has to wonder about all they did actually go through and also, how much more can be added to the mix.

Seriously, there is so much going on here with this latest journey battling it out with hell’s minions and unfortunately with little help on Heaven’s resources, save the tablet, Kevin, and Cas (if he comes back anytime soon).

Questions and afterthoughts:

Do you think more characters from the Winchester’s past should return to somehow get involved to either help in their battle or provide some more challenges? i.e. Bobby returning as a spirit guide or angel of sorts, or say, good ole nasty femme fatale Bella Talbot returning as a Crowley employed demon against them this time around?

And presently, do you think the Men of Letters HQ will offer some help and answers at some point to Sam and Dean’s demon battle with Crowley while on their road for finishing the trials and closing hell’s gates?

Give us your thoughts and let’s talk!

Supernatural Season 8, Episode 16 Sneak Peek
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Wow, that battle at the prison episode before this one WAS A TREAT. Glenn, Carl, Maggie, and the others battled it out fiercely with the released Walkers and were able to drive off the Governor and kill his Walker Bomb van driver as well… We now see that Merle has officially returned with the group along with Daryl and a whole lot of NO TRUST to his presence (for earlier obvious reasons).

But now, we are also treated or maybe even disturbed(for some of you fans who lost faith or loyalty to her) on Andrea’s long awaited return to the others, reuniting there at the prison. Mounting loyalties on either side are developing steadily with the departing of the deserted group from the front end of the Prison.


Rick and company stand watch as Andrea leaves the Prison!

They have left the compound, found their way to Woodbury, and allied with the Governor and are now unwitting partners into giving the Governor information on infiltrating the prison.  This along with Merle’s potential unpredictability with the gang despite appearances he is cooperating with Rick and the others for the sake of  his brother Daryl.

Questions and afterthoughts:

Should the gang leave the prison?  What do you figure are Andrea’s true loyalties, to her old friends or to the Governor?   Will Merle present a greater threat later on though he appears to be good with the group?  All is so unpredictable, it is hard to say where it ALL will go…  That is one of the things  that what make the THE WALKING DEAD great…

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12 Sneak Peek
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Whatever you choose on either perspective for either show, let us know.  Give your thoughts and comments in the section below.  Check out another prognosis with DocBBanner next week!

And don’t forget to watch the next installments for SUPERNATURAL and THE WALKING DEAD. Catch a new Supernatural episode, tonight on Wednesday, February 28, 2013 at 9/8c on the CW. Catch a new episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 9/8c on AMC.


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