Superman Takes Zod On The Scenic Tour Of Smallville In New Man Of Steel Clip


Man-of-Steel-Trailer-2Henry Cavill appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno just a little while ago. Leno didn’t ask any new questions, but Cavill offered up a few nuggets of new information about the film in between telling some of the stories we’ve heard a couple of times the past few weeks. First off, Cavill revealed that it took him and a crew about 15 minutes to squeeze in to the Superman costume and that it was really hard to go to the bathroom. He had to hold it for a while. He also mentioned that he was almost burned while filming a scene that was ultimately cut from the film. There was a short scene on the oil rig set, which we’ve seen in the trailers, where Cavill walks up the steps to talk to the crew and a giant fireball goes up in the air very close to him. He was coated in fire gel (as actors and stuntmen are when filming near flames) to keep the moisture close to his skin to keep him safe, but the fireball was so hot and so close that it dried and cracked the gel. He said he would have had a few burns and boils if the gel didn’t hold.

Also revealed on the Tonight Show was a brand new clip from the film. It features Superman flying in to confront Zod who has just threatened Ma Kent. Zod’s threats result in him getting taken on the scenic tour of Smallville. You can see the clip right around the 3:10 mark of the interview. We’ve also thrown in a clip released earlier today that features Faora facing off against Colonel Nathan Hardy. It comes via the Huffington Post. You can check those out below. What do you think about the new clips?

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