Superman, Superboy and Supergirl Go Through H’el On Earth


A major crossover event will take place this November in the DC 52 universe. The Super Family will face a challenge like no other across issue #14 of all three series’ titles called H’el on Earth. According to DC’s The Source blog they will face a alien of unknown Kryptonian origin called, you guessed it, H’el.

Superboy will have Tom DeFalco writing the story with R.B. Silva and Robe Lean on art. Superboy #14 will feature an appearance by Supergirl and the Teen Titans. Following the events of Superman #13, Superman’s new nemesis comes after Kon-El.

Supergirl #14 will feature an interesting twist. DC teases “What happens when Kara finds herself agreeing with [H’el’s] pro-Krypton/anti-Earth plans?” Supergirl is written by Mike Johnson with Mahmud Asrar on art.

And finally, in Superman #14 Scott Lobdell will write and Kenneth Rocafort will illustrate the Man of Steel coming face to face with H’el:

A creature of unknown Kryptonian origin who is not only more powerful than Superman, but is also smarter than Supergirl and more lethal than Superboy. How will Superman combat a threat of this magnitude? We don’t want to spoil anything so all we can say for now is that his actions will change the course of a planet’s fate!

Here are the three covers for the event. What do you think of the Superman/Superboy/Supergirl crossover? Are you ready to see all H’el break loose?

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Source : DC Comics The Source