Superior Previews: Spider-Man 2099 Returns And Otto Faces The Scarlet Spider


2099Today we have spun a giant web and pulled in three great Spider-Man previews for your viewing pleasure. Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099 himself, will return to face off against the Superior Spider-Man next month. This month though, Doc Ock Spidey will have to deal with a little Sibling Rivalry. The Superior Spider-Man will be coming face-to-face with Peter Parker’s “brother,” the Scarlet Spider in a multi-part crossover.

The first preview you’ll see below is for Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman’s Superior Spider-Man #17. This issue sees the highly anticipated return of the future Spider-Man to the present Marvel Universe. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, that Green Goblin guy will be coming back as well. The Osborn you haven’t seen in a while will be returning with a bang. You’ll have to wait until September for this one.

The second preview is for Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 by Chris Yost and Marco Checchetto. Kane, the clone of Peter Parker, comes back to New York to check into Peter’s uncharacteristic behavior as of late. Doc Ock Spider-Man isn’t too happy to see the Scarlet Spider. You may remember Kaine killed Doc Ock that one time. Snapped his neck like a chicken bone. The Superior Spider-Man doesn’t have much time to deal with his former nemesis due to a mutant Spider-clone attack orchestrated by the Jackal. In Chris Yost, Ryan Stegman, and Edgar Delgado’s Scarlet Spider #20, the “brothers” will have to try and put aside their differences and stop Jackal. Both of those books come out this coming Wednesday.


• (and an Osborn you have not seen in a while)

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• Because you demanded it! Parker versus Parker! The Superior Spider-Man Versus Scarlet Spider!

• Kaine has come to New York to check on Peter’s ‘superior’ behavior, not realizing Doc Ock has taken over Peter’s life. But Ock sure knows who Kaine is…Kaine, the man who once KILLED Doctor Octopus. And now it’s payback time.



• Scarlet Spider has come to New York City to check on his ‘brother’ Spider-Man! But their reunion has been interrupted by an army of mutant spider-clones!

• Can Spider-Man and Kaine put aside their differences to deal with the Jackal?

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