Study: So What Do People Think About Superheroes And Superhero Movies?


superman batmanComic book movies and superheroes have been huge for decades. This weekend’s Comic-Con proved that they’re here to stay too. A recent study published by Ladbrokes Games conducted a survey where they asked 1,000 people what they thought about the superheroes and what their choice for the best superhero movies were. The results were recently published, and some of the results may surprise you.

When it came to to the toughest heroes, men chose Hulk and women thought Batman was the toughest in the land. Batman also won by an overwhelming percentage when it came to which hero had the best vehicle.

The characters did well, but it was the movies that got the biggest response from those surveyed. 75% of people said they got their superhero action from movies over comics, cartoons, or video games. 59% of people liked Marvel‘s movie and comic book offerings. It was close though, Marvel raked in 59% to DC‘s 41.

DC announced a Superman/Batman movie coming up in 2015, so this next question was particularly well timed considering this weekend’s announcements. When asked if they’d like to see another Batman film, 1 in 4 said they wouldn’t want to see another actor take over for Christian Bale. When pushed for a replacement though, Ryan Gosling edged out all other actors for the spot (Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Fassbender, Armie Hammer, Bradley Cooper, Sam Worthington, Jon Hamm, and Josh Brolin). It seems people are really dead set on keeping Bale. His Batman movies took the top spots across the board for favorite superhero movie. Catwoman took the worst superhero movie ever title, but DC got a boost when the majority of people said that Wonder Woman should be the next hero on the big screen (Marvel heroes included).

In one of the funniest questions, respondents were asked which of the below characters were actual comic book heroes.  See if you can figure out the real one:

As a little test, we thought we’d end our survey by asking people to guess which one of the following bizarrely-named superheroes was actually real. Check out the results…

  • Gun Bird (23% thought this a real character)
  • Chap of Steel (16%)
  • Nigel (16%)
  • Goose Man (15%)
  • Nail Gun Face (14%)
  • Arm Fall Off Boy (9%)
  • Mashed Potato in a Sock Man (7%)

You can read the full summary of the survey by clicking here. It’s interesting to see what the general public think of superheroes and superhero movies. We all obviously eat the stuff up, but it seems like everyone else does too. With such a strong response it seems like superheroes aren’t going anywhere for a while. What do you tink about the responses?

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