Steven Moffat Talks Doctor Who 50th, The Master, Russell Davies And More


moffatThis weekend one of the largest Doctor Who conventions, Gallifrey One, took place in Los Angeles. While there was your normal convention attractions and cosplay, there was a special treat in store for attendees on Sunday. A special interview with showrunner Steven Moffat conducted by Ed Stradling was screened. Moffat covered a very wide range of subjects from the 50th Anniversary, the Zygons, and his script writing process.

In what is quite frankly one of the best Moffat interviews in a while, Stradling got Moffat to open up slightly on the 50th Anniversary. The Moff started off by shooting down the rumor that there would only be one special to celebrate 50 years saying “don’t believe the nonsense about one 60 minute film, that is complete nonsense.” Moffat remained coy on the subject of Matt Smith staying. Many believe he will regenerate in the 50th Anniversary special, but Moffat says he will stay “forever, for the rest of time.” He went on to say there are many things in store besides Mark Gatiss‘ Doctor Who docudrama. The Who showrunner also backtracked a little on his stance on The Master, saying if there’s a story there he wouldn’t rule out a return.

One of the other big comments was that he has asked former showrunner Russell T Davies back to write an episode many times. Moffat said he’d love for that to happen, but he thinks Davies is just happy being a fan. You can check out the full interview below. He also covered fan favorite characters, the Ice Warriors return, the episode set fully in the TARDIS, and the fact he’s well into plotting the next season. I highly encourage watching the video, it has a lot of great bits on info on past, present, and future Who.

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Source : Ed Stradling Youtube