Steven Moffat On The Two Surprise Cameos: Plus New Info On The DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special


doctor who bannerThis past week has almost been content overload for Whovians, if that’s even possible. The 50th anniversary gave us numerous documentaries, talking heads shows, the amazing docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, and of course the main event itself- The Day of The Doctor. Fans gathered in movie theaters all across the world or huddled in front of their TVs to see what Steven Moffat had cooked up for the three Doctors. It did not disappoint either. Now that we’ve had a day or two to chew it over, Moffat has touched on the two surprise cameos in the episode. Some new information about the Christmas special, better known as Matt Smith’s swansong, has hit as well.

doctor who tom bakerMoffat said repeatedly that there were no classic series Doctors in the episode, and he may have technically been right. Tom Baker did pop up, though it was a very mysterious role that may or may not have been The Doctor. Baker was the only classic Doctor actor to make the jump (though the others did appear in the hilarious Five(ish) Doctors reboot which you can watch here). Moffat didn’t say anything about the role itself, but BBC America did have a few words from the showrunner about Baker‘s return:

I know I had all of the 11 Doctors there, but you can’t have a scene with 11—or even 12— people there. You can’t do it. To have the longest-standing Doctor make an appearance and show the current Doctor [Matt Smith] where to go, well, that’s irresistible, isn’t it? It’s important that you get to hear that voice again and get all his little mannerisms into one scene. It’s just wonderful. But, you know, I get the impression—I don’t know the man at all—that he’s warmed up to doing Doctor Who and to that part of his life. He’s doing the audiobooks for Big Finish

When asked if Baker‘s appearance being open ended meant we could see him again, Moffat said the old Doctors popping up was probably done now. He says “I have a slight paranoia about ‘it seems like every bugger is playing the Doctor, more or less all of Equity. It’ll have it’s own Spotlight section next.’ I think, quite soon, it’s going to go back to a militant ‘There’s one Doctor and that’s who he is.’ He’s one man with many faces, he’s not a committee of people with unusual hair. Because we had John Hurt as well. So very shortly, we’re going back to just one Doctor.

capaldiWhile the older Doctors may not come around again until the next landmark anniversary, Moffat did talk about the surprise appearance of Peter Capaldi…or rather his eyebrows and forehead. Moffat said that appearance at the end was always the plan no matter who was chosen to be Matt Smith‘s successor, Moffat also goes on reveal that they have shot Capaldi‘s first scene already:

All The Doctors, all The Doctors would fly in to save Gallifrey and change The Doctor’s timeline – how could you not do that? I knew there was gonna be a new one [Doctor] so I wrote it with not knowing who would be doing that. We did manage to cast somebody where you can use half his face for less than a second and everybody knows who he is. He looks cross!
He’s brilliant. The energy, the vitality he brings to his performance. I mean, he works. He’s like Matt [Smith]. He works, he’s a worker. And he’s an extraordinarily vital and physical performer. People keep talking about this elderly Doctor, as if that’s something of an achievement. But this man is not at all elderly in style. He leaps around the place probably more than any other Doctor in that first scene. But that’s not how he’s going to play it. That’s just him in the post-regeneration madness. It’s something we’re still working at.

You can click the source link below to read a little more from Moffat about Billie Piper‘s role in the special and why Rose was chosen as The Moment‘s body of choice to speak with The Doctor.

While we all recover from the 50th, we have to prepare ourselves for the regeneration episode coming up this Christmas. It was revealed earlier today that the episode would be called The Time Of The Doctor. We’ve had The Name of The Doctor and The Day of The Doctor, so now the time has come for the…time, I guess. We know we will see Trenzalore, possibly Gallifrey, the Silence, who or what the voice in the TARDIS was, the Daleks, the Cybermen, and Weeping Angels. Moffat is on record as saying this episode will warp up all his dangling threads he still hasn’t touched, so we’ll see what those cracks in the walls of the universe were too. That’s a lot of ground to cover, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this episode clocks in a little over an hour.

Finally, we’ll leave you with the news that The Day of The Doctor broke a Guiness World Record for largest ever simulcast (over 80 countries), it beat The Hunger Games at the Saturday box office in the UK, and it raked in an average of $13, 607 dollars per screen according to Deadline. Now the wait until Christmas begins. What did you think, about the 50th? Any predictions on what happens before Smith‘s regeneration?
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Source : BBC America