Steven Moffat On A Doctor Who Movie: Plus A Sherlock Update


sherlock and doctor whoDoctor Who will be returning to our televisions, or tellies for our Brit readers, on Christmas Day. We’ll see The Doctor fighting snowmen while he deals with the departure of the Ponds. He will also find a new companion in the form of Jenna Louise-Coleman’s Clara. Ahead of the Christmas treat, the series mastermind known as Steven “The Moff” Moffat has been making the rounds talking about the Christmas episode and teasing the rest of the season. While talking with Vulture though, Moffat talked about the long rumored Doctor Who movie.

A Doctor Who movie has been talked about almost as long as the show has been on, but speculation really ramped up over the past year or so when director David Yates said he would be making a film about our favorite Time Lord. Yates, known for the Harry Potter movies, said last year that he was working on a Doctor Who movie that would step outside of the show and make its own continuity. Moffat touched on the Yates movie saying the most he ever has about the possibility:

Well, first of all, when? We spend all year making the series. The thing that I would find intolerable is that you get a film instead of the TV series because the TV series is more important. And I don’t think any showrunner or future showrunner of Doctor Who would tolerate the idea that David Yates was talking about, of rebooting it and having a second continuity. That’s just nonsense. Absolutely insane and a straightforward insult to the audience. We’d never, ever do that. The question would be how could we do it without delaying or harming the TV show?

doctor who picWhile he may think Yates’ ideas are “intolerable,” he does hope to see the mad man with a box on the big screen someday:

I think it could be incredibly exciting to see that Tardis fly on the big screen. It would just be how do we arrange it? And how do we make sure we have … no offense, but you suddenly take American money and they expect to tell you what to do and all that. I wouldn’t be happy with that. But it will happen someday, I’m reasonably confident.

Among his comments about staying in touch with old showrunner Russell T. Davies via email and having lunch with David Tennant (about the 50th we hope!), he gave an update on Sherlock. He states that the previously reported delay is to give Benedict Cumberbatch time to complete all the various movies he is attached to because of the Sherlock fame. The delay “is completely insignificant as far as the airdate is concerned” according to Moffat, so we’ll see Sherlock next fall-ish. To read the full Q&A about things like Doctor Who season 7 part 2 teases and Neil Gaiman’s forthcoming episode, click here. So there you have it Whovians and Sherlockians (those are real terms, I checked). What do you think about the Who movie comments? Were you hoping for a big screen outing by the 50th anniversary?

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Source : Vulture