Steven Moffat Drops Some Intriguing Hints As To What Kind Of Man The 12th Doctor Will Be

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capaldiDoctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is notorious for being even more secretive than JJ Abrams. What’s worse is the fact that Moffat openly trolls his audience. In a recent chat with Doctor Who Magazine the Who mastermind held back a lot of secrets, of course, but he did reveal a few very interesting details about what direction the recently announced Peter Capaldi Doctor will go in during his first season.

The folks over at Doctor Who TV had the highlights of Moffat‘s chat. The showrunner said that part of the fun with this regeneration was showing audiences just what regeneration can do. We’ve been getting younger and younger Doctors since the show came back to our TV screens in 2005, but now we’re going to get an older Doctor. Moffat said that now fans will see that regeneration can make the leading man “very, very different.” That will undoubtedly change and challenge the flirt-y relationship Clara has with The Doctor. Moffat did give fans a few hints to chew over while we wait for the 50th Anniversary Special and then Capaldi‘s quick debut in the Christmas episode:

Moffat is pretty certain Capaldi will keep his native Scottish accent for the role

At the moment, they’ve only discussed Twelve’s costume in the lightest terms

Moffat wanted to flip the switch the other way after having two youthful and accessible Doctors in a row

He’s going to be an older, trickier and fiercer Doctor

“Just as Clara’s learning to have a proper old crush on him, suddenly he’s Malcolm Tucker!”
Moffat thinks it’ll be fun seeing Clara cope with the Doctor being completely different…

Moffat compared the new regeneration situation to what happened in Tom Baker‘s first season, saying “He’s really quite ifficult to take at the beginning, and you’re very grateful that Sarah [Jane Smith] and the Brigadier [Lethbridge-Stewart] are there to reassure you.” Comparing Capaldi with the patron saint of Who, Tom Baker, is both big words and a great sign. We’ll have to wait a good while before we see pics of the new Doctor‘s costumes or get real hints at what sort of man (or rather Time Lord) he will be, but it sounds promising so far. What do you think?


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Source : DoctorWhoTV.Co.UK