Stephen Amell Wants ARROW To Connect To The DC Cinematic Universe: Plus Will FLASH Give Us A Good VIBE?


dcOne thing fans have been debating since Man of Steel opened the door to a shared DC cinematic universe is whether or not Stephen Amell‘s Arrow should connect to the movie universe. The hit CW show has really found its legs in season 2 and has offered up some episodes deeply set in the comic book world.The show’s producer revealed there are no plans for the TV show and movie world to connect, but fans are still holding out hope. And while it’s not up to him, star Stephen Amell is hoping to stand alongside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck on the big screen one day.

In a video interview with the Quiver Podcast (via ComicBook.Com), Amell was asked about his show possibly connecting with the big world of movies one day. The talk starts around the 15:35 mark if you’d rather watch the video:

Of course, I would like them to have a shared universe. The big distinction and the most important distinction for me and everybody on the show, by the way, is I’m not playing the television version of Oliver Queen. Caity Lotz is not playing the television version of The Canary, and Manu Bennett is not trying to encapsulate the television version of Slade Wilson. Grant Gustin is not trying to do the television version of Barry Allen.
We’re trying to do the definitive versions. We’re trying to put them on a level where if Warner Bros. and DC Comics decided that they wanted them to be a part of the movie people would buy it, right. Whether that happens or not, that’s not really our concern, our concern is we have a lot of momentum going in our second season, and Greg has a very, very famous, at least in my head, saying of ‘You have a hit television show, until you don’t have a hit television show.’ So for me to look past, we’re in the middle of shooting episode 14 right now, and it’s a bear, as all the episodes are coming, and for me to look past episode 14 would really be a disservice to the people who have been with us since the Fall of 2012.
But I think the characters that we are creating in our universe could stand next to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. I think that we could stand next to them and everybody would go, ‘Good, I like that.’

Arrow is a very good TV show, but the transition from the small to the big screen is hard to do and is rarely successful. The CW has a very…shall we say distinc style, and that would have to be tweaked to work with the movies. Amell definitely has a screen presence, though we’ll have to really wait to judge Grant Gustin‘s Flash and whether or not he could make the transition as well. Arrow has made it so Amell and Gustin would have to be a package deal for the movies.

vibeSpeaking of Gustin and his upcoming Flash pilot, there’s a rumor out there that another hero may be joining Barry Allen on his show. MovieHole,Net is reporting that Cisco Ramon, better known to fans as Vibe, may be fighting crime beside the Flash in the pilot episode. Vibe is a Hispanic hero who can control sonic vibrations after getting caught in one of Darkseid‘s boom tubes. In his New 52 introduction it is revealed that Vibe is one of the only beings that can interfere with the Speed Force, making him one of the only people that poses a threat to the Flash. While we have to take this news with a big grain of salt for now, having Vibe in the Flash series opens up a lot of possibilities. Vibe has never been a particularly popular character, but TV could do the trick.

So there’s a lot going on in the DC TV universe. Amell wants a movie connection and Flash may get a partner in fighting crime. While we have to wait and see if and how this will all play into DC‘s movie plans, we can be happy we’re getting a lot of heroes and comic book villains on the small screen. What do you think about the latest goings on in the DC universe?

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