STEEL Co-Creator Says Shaq Did A Fine Job In The 1997 Movie


SteelShaqLong before Shaq had retired from the game of basketball, he dipped his toes in to the realm of acting. We first got our taste of O’neal on the big screen in the basketball movie, Blue Chips which was well received. However, his next movie outings weren’t so loved. Although there are some on this site, Cody, that still think Kazaam holds up.

Another fan of O’neal’s work in the mid to late 90s is Steel co-creator Louise Simonson. Shaq brought Jon Henry Irons to life in the 1997 movie which was only loosely based on the comic book that Simonson helped create. Talking with Comic Book Resources, via, Simonson explained his stance. “Honestly, Shaq took a lot of flak but I think he did a fine job,” he said. “My problems were with the script and the costume. The costume was terrible on that one. Oh god it was awful! [Laughs] Today they could do a better job. I could do a better job with the character myself.”

The film has been panned by critics, and only made a shade under 2 million dollars at the box-office. That’s well below the production budget of 16 million. I tend to agree with Simonson that O’neal really wasn’t bad in the movie. However, with the script and costume as bad as they were it would have been hard for anyone to make that movie good. What do you think? Leave your comments in the comment boxes below.

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Source : Comic Book Resources