Star Wars Spin-Offs to Start with Young Han Solo & Boba Fett Films


han_solo_and_boba_fettA not so long time ago, in a a galaxy that is pretty close to home (the internet), news broke that Disney and LucasFilm would be producing a series of solo films set in the Star Wars universe. These films would run alongside the planned third trilogy in the franchise, but would focus on some of the previously established characters. We’ve heard rumors that Master Yoda would be among the first to get the film treatment, but naturally, no confirmation has come on the concept.

Today we’ve heard that the first two films to be made will be centered on the wise-cracking Han Solo and the famed bounty hunter Boba Fett. EW states that an origin story for Solo and a bounty hunting adventure film for Boba Fett. Their sources have confirmed that this is the direction that Disney is headed, but stated it is still early in the planning stages and plans could be altered. Here are the details they provided:

The Han Solo story would take place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and the first Star Wars (now known as A New Hope), so although it’s possible Harrison Ford could appear as a framing device, the movie would require a new actor for the lead — one presumably much younger than even the 35-year-old Ford when he appeared in the 1977 original.

I think most fans would agree that they’d like to see Harrison Ford reprise his role in some fashion, but as the article states, they’d need to bring in a new face to fit with the planned storyline. As for Mr. Fett, the plans are a bit different and they plan on doing an “adventure” style film rather than an origin, since we already know where the bounty hunter originated.

The Boba Fett film would take place either between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, or between Empire and Jedi, where the bounty hunter was last seen plunging unceremoniously into a sarlacc pit. Exactly who would play him isn’t much of a complication – in the original trilogy, he never took off his helmet.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see these two characters be among the first to receive a solo film, as they are two of the more popular characters in the film franchise. Not to mention, we now know the origins of most of the other characters, save for folks like Yoda. It should also be noted that Darth Vader will likely be involved as he was still alive and kicking in all his big, black helmet bad-assiness. Others, like Jabba the Hut could also make an appearance. As I stated earlier, plans are still very early in the planning stages, so things could change as the projects move forward.

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Source : EW