No STAR WARS Or DOCTOR WHO For Benedict Cumberbatch, But He Finds DOCTOR STRANGE Interesting


doctor strangeBenedict Cumberbatch has become a fan-favorite pick for roles in pretty much every big movie franchise that is coming out over the next few years. After taking the world by storm in Sherlock and playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, fans had started to hope the actor with the most English name in history would reunite with his TV and movie cohorts for either Doctor Who or Star Wars Episode VII. The actor has fueled that speculation for some time, but now he has shot those hopes down. He did tease his interest in another role his name has been thrown out there for though.

Cumberbatch appeared at Australia’s Oz Comic-Con this past weekend where he took part in a Q&A fielding all manner of questions. The Iris, an Australian entertainment site, Tweeted out a few of Cumberbatch‘s answers to two of the bigger questions. Regarding Star Wars Episode VII, Cumberbatch told fans “I would’ve liked a part in JJ’s new Star Wars, but it won’t happen sadly.” The actor had been bugging Abrams about a role in the film while working on Star Trek, saying he would like to do anything, even if it was just playing a lightsabre. With Abrams going with relative unknowns for his cast, it’s easy to see why Cumberbatch would be left out so he doesn’t overshadow everyone else.

cumberbatchThe actor also addressed the Doctor Who question. With Steven Moffat overseeing both Sherlock and Doctor Who, some fans have hoped for some sort of actor crossover. There were some rumors Cumberbatch could play The Master, but the actor said he had no interest in the show. He reiterates that, saying “I’m never gonna play The Doctor, and nothing to do with the Whoniverse.

Now here’s where things get interesting. In the comments section of a report about Cumberbatch‘s Q&A on Collider, a commenter who was either there or knew someone was there had a post about Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch has been many fans’ pick (mine too) for the role of Doctor Strange. With Marvel moving ahead with a film based on the Sorcerer Supreme, casting will be underway in the near future. When asked about that particular role and how fans wanted him to bring it to life, the poster says that the actor “raised an eyebrow and said interesting. He also said he wanted to work with Joss Whedon.” Take that with a grain of salt considering the source, but it sounds like Cumberbatch is at least aware he’s talked about for that role and at least wants to play along with the speculation and hope for now. What do you think about the actor’s comments?

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