Star Wars And Marvel Reheat Leftovers At D23: New Thor And Captain America Footage Descriptions


darth vaderThe Star Wars and Marvel presentations at D23 have just wrapped. Huge crowds assembled in Anaheim early this morning so they could get a chance to see what the House of Mouse would unveil regarding their two hottest acquisitions. What was actually revealed regarding the two juggernauts was less than thrilling. A lot of things was just a rehash of Comic-Con.’s offerings If you were there you did get treated to some new clips for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but there weren’t any big announcements. Read on for the full recap of the goings on.

Disney‘s Alan Horn took the stage to thunderous applause. He opened with some personal stories about his life and love of Disney. He got around to talking about how Disney acquired Marvel and Lucasfilm over the course of the last few years and proved they were the greatest company on earth. He got fans in a frenzy talking about his trip to Lucasfilm, and then the panel was officially kicked off. A Lucasfilm logo was shown on the giant screens as he praised the work of Kathleen Kennedy. It was again confirmed that JJ AbramsEpisode VII would hit in the summer of 2015. Horn then confirmed yet again that Disney was working on some spinoff films inspired by the Star Wars universe too. Horn then said “I wish I could tell you more” only to be cut out by the Imperial March theme playing with a giant picture of Vader taking over the screens. He concluded with “But there are dark forces watching.” And that was it for Star Wars.

thorMarvel‘s presentation didn’t fare much better. Horn teased that Marvel has over 6,000 characters at their disposal, so we should expect a lot more movies to come. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige then took the sage wearing his signature baseball cap. He started things off with a little Thor: The Dark World. After introducing director Alan Taylor, Feige showed off the Comic-Con footage for the film. A new clip was eventually shown after the cast was brought out on stage. Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, and Natalie Portman were all brought out to a huge standing ovation. The new clip showed Jane‘s first day in Asgard. ComingSoon live blogged the panel. Their description of the clip:

She’s on some sort of bio-bed being scanned. There’s a growing energy insider her and Thor is worried. “Is that a quantum field generator?” she asks one of the Asgardians. “It’s a Soul Forge” they say. Odin comes in. He’s not happy that Thor has brought her here. He demands that she be taken back to Midgard. She’s delighted that Odin knows who she is though. “You told your dad about me?” Odin and Thor are distracted by the readings on the energy. It’s changing into something,”defending itself.”

Entertianment Weekly filled in some of the gaps with their description:

A mysterious energy has taken possession of her body, and although her mind remains the same her body is now something more than radioactive. In new footage previewed at D23, a cluster of jittery, frightened British cops approach a disheveled Jane as she clings to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. “Step back, shes dangerous!” one cop shouts.“So am I,” Thor replies, triggering an energy beam that takes her back to his celestial realm.

There we see Foster laid out on a glowing table while medieval looking doctors operating futuristic, holographic scanning devices examine her. “Is that a quantum field generator?” Foster asks. The doctor says it is not. “Does it transfer molecular energy from one place to another?” Foster, the astrophysicist, asks her examiner, who nods. She smiles to Thor. “It’s a quantum field generator.”

Anthony Hopkins’ one-eyed ruler Odin enters the room, furious that his son brought the human to their kingdom. “She does not belong here in Asgard any more than a goat belongs at banquet table,” he shouts. Portman, of course, disputes the notion that she is a goat. Odin replies that he knows who she is. “Jane Foster.” Portman beams. “You told your dad about me!?” But there’s no levity from Thor. “Something is in her, father, something I have not seen before.”

Odin is unmoved. He suggests dispatching her back to Earth so human doctors to deal with the problem. But as guards seize her, a blast emanates from her skin and throws them across the room.

capAfter that, it was time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie were brought on stage. The Comic-Con footage was shown yet again. The highlight of the Comic-Con footage this time seemed to be the visual of several Hellicarriers. SHIELD looks to have built several more flying fortresses. They’ll need them too. It was said that the end of the clip showed more than one crashing to earth. The actual new footage for the film was a rough cut scene featuring Black Widow, Cap, and Crossbones aka Frank Grillo. The film had just finished filming and editing is currently going on, so there was some animation of quinjets in the clip. The rough cut description via Entertainment Weekly:

Feige warned that since the film just finished shooting, the scene would feature a mix of black-and-white rough animation, and a lack of some sound effects.

It begins with a crudely animated quinjet flying through the clouds. Inside, Captain America and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow are strap-hanging, and making awkward conversation.

“Doing anything fun Saturday night?” she asks.

“Well, all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so …” he responds. As Cap prepares to skydive from the plane, wearing his grayscale stealth uniform, she says bluntly: ”If you asked Kristen out from statistics, she would probably say yes.” This is a subject for which Cap has no shield. He prepares to dive.

“To shy or too scared?” Black Widow asks.

“Too busy,” he says, plunging from the back of the quinjet.

Frank Grillo, playing the S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Crossbones notes that he fell with no parachute. We then see rough animation of Cap swan diving thousands of feet to make an Olympics-worthy plunge into the ocean beside a cargo ship, loaded with menacing men carrying machine guns. Cap climbs aboard via the anchor chain, and begins silently taking out the mercenaries, ninja-style, the only sound the clanging of his shield against their craniums. Once the bad guys are neutralized, Crossbones floats down on a parachute to take out the last one.

“Thanks,” Cap says.

“You seemed pretty helpless without me,” Grillo’s character replies.

Black Widow then lands and picks up right where she intrusively left off: “What about the nurse who lives across the hall from you? She seems nice.”

ultronGuardians of the Galaxy was up next, but since the cast are currently filming in the UK all Marvel had to show was the Comic-Con footage. They ended things with an Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser from, you guessed it, Comic-Con. Ultron was again described as looking exactly like the classic design from the comics. ComingSoon had the description again in case you missed it during Comic-Con:

It’s a 3D model of Ultron. The teaser moves out from closeups to reveal the 3D design. Imagine the opening credits of Spider-Man or Fight Club, where it begins with an extreme close-up, pulling out as we hear dialogue from the first Avengers.

And that was the entirety of the Star Wars and Marvel presentations at D23 Expo. Comic-Con spoiled us. Everything just felt a little lackluster by comparison. We had hopes for big announcements and possibly Groot/Rocket Raccoon voice actor announcements, but it turned out to be a presentation with some brief clips. The internet, as you can imagine, wasn’t too happy about the Star Wars psych out. What do you think about the footage descriptions? Were you expecting a major announcement today?

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