Star Trek Into Darkness Details Plus Klingons


A Star Trek Into Darkness press event was held earlier today and details have been coming out via Twitter. Other than the positive reactions, a few juicy tidbit have emerged. Obviously these can be considered spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

Coming Soon contributor Silas Lesnick had two big reveals on his Twitter. One was the name of Alice Eve’s character and the other was something fans had been hoping for since the first Star Trek movie. First up is Alive Eve’s character. According to Lesnick, she is playing Carol Marcus. A quick check with Wikipedia shows that Marcus is a molecular biologist who came up with Project Genesis. That of course is what helped bring Spock back to life in the movies after he sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise crew. Carol Marcus is also famous for having a relationship with James T. Kirk and giving him a son named David.

The other one is welcomed news for Trekkies. Klingons are returning!

We’ve seen Klingons! They do have forehead ridges but with ornamental piercings and facial hair out of the original series! There are 14 Klingon characters in the film, but only two have speaking roles and are the only ones to remove their helmets.

We’re also going to see (or already have in the trailer) the Klingon homeworld, Quo’nos!

There you have it Trekkies. There’s also word from Paramount that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a character called John Harrison, but I’d put money on the fact that is a fake name to throw the fans off for now. Abrams is a master of manipulation. What do you think about the news?

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Source : Twitter