Stan Lee Wants Spider-Man In The Avengers: Also Shares His Thoughts On Doc Ock Being In Peter’s Body


stan lee bannerStan Lee appeared at the Philadelphia Comic Con this past weekend where he took part in a big Q&A session. The legendary comics scribe fielded all manner of questions from fans about his creations in the medium of comics, movies, and television. Stan‘s legendary ego and humor were on display for every answer, but after sorting through the usual panel questions he did reveal a few interesting things. He shared his thoughts on what with happen if Marvel got the movie rights to Spider-Man back as well as what he truly thinks about Doc Ock taking over Peter Parker‘s body in the pages of Superior Spider-Man.

The first question asked was something Stan The Man has been asked a few times before. What does he think about DC and what character interests him the most? He got on his usual rant about Superman‘s flight being a silly idea and DC not being as great as Marvel, but he stated he thought Lobo was one of the few interesting characters. Over on the Marvel side of things, he was asked which of his characters he’d like to be. He quickly answered Tony Stark. He stated Tony is so rich, smart, handsome, and the women love him. The only downside is his ticker. Lee said “So what he’s got a bad heart, nobody is perfect.

spider-man avengersBut when things got around to the question of Marvel movies, that’s when Lee let loose some interesting answers. When asked, hypothetically of course, how Spider-Man would fit in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Avengers movies if the Spidey rights came back to Marvel Studios, Lee expressed that he’d really like to see the web head team up with the movie team:

Oh, they’d find a way to do it if they want to. The nice thing about writing about fictitious characters- you can do anything. If they get the rights back to Spider-Man, there are hundreds of ways. I wrote a story years ago where Spider-Man wanted to join the Fantastic Four. He went to them…I forget what happened…obviously a great story, but they can have any reason why Spider-Man wants to join The Avengers or why the Avengers contact him and what him to join- if they can find him! In fact I’d love to work on a movie like that. Let’s get Spider-Man into The Avengers! I’ll probably have to give this guy [pointing in the direction of the questioner] a royalty though

On another question relating to comics (around the 26:20 mark), Lee circled back around to the movies. When talking about the Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos/Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. comics, Lee said that he’d like to see Samuel Jackson be more like the 616 version of the character. He said Jackson is very quiet and just kind of walks around in his leather coat in the movies. He thinks Jackson should be more tough and really take command. Lee hopes that the next few Marvel movies will make him more rough and tough. The Winter Soldier set pick make it look like Lee will get his wish.

superiorThe final little nugget worth pointing out is Stan Lee‘s thoughts on Dan Slott‘s choice to have Doc Ock take over the body and mind of Peter Parker. Lee was asked what he thought about the story decision and if he thought it would stick. Lee called it a “nervy” choice and he doesn’t see it staying that way long:

It’s a very nervy thing to do, but again like I told you, they keep trying to think of things that will surprise the readers. Its things the reader haven’t read before to keep you hooked and keep you interested. It will work out. I will not be surprised if Peter Parker doesn’t come back again as Peter Parker Spider-man. You’ll have to go through the whole process and keep buying the books as while they do that please!

The video below features Stan Lee at his finest. If you have 30 minutes you should definitely give it a watch. Lee seemed pretty excited about every project he talked about and it sounds like a lot more things are on the horizon. Lee has a good point about Spider-Man‘s inclusion in The Avengers. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that it could happen, it just seems unlikely for now. It’s also nice to see that Lee shares the sentiments of most of the comic book readers about the Superior Spider-Man storyline. What do you think about what Lee had to say?

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