Stan Lee Still Has Hopes For A Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers Movie Crossover



It’s the age old question, when will all of Marvel’s movie properties be under the same roof. The answer isn’t to most fans liking. As long as the X-Men and Fantastic Four make money for Fox and Spider-Man is still swinging his way through the box office for Sony, the odds are very very slim.

That hasn’t detoured Stan Lee from hoping that we might see them all in a movie with The Avengers one day. While chatting it up with Larry King, Lee was asked if he expects to see all the Marvel characters that he had a hand in creating or popularizing in a movie together one day. “Someday when Marvel gets all the rights to them,” he said. Don’t get your hopes up fans, Mr. Lee still understands that there is a bunch of legal red tape to tear down. “Unfortunately, legally some other studios have the rights to some of the characters,” he said before optimistically adding, “But they’ll all come together sooner or later.”

I, for one, do not share Lee’s optimism. Like stated above, as long as the characters that Fox and Sony have the rights to are making them money, they have no reason to give movie rights back to Marvel. This is Hollywood however, and stranger things have happened. But unfortunately this falls under the don’t count on it, category. However, keep it here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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Source : Via Yahoo