Stan Lee Says The Same Thing He’s Always Said About Future Marvel Movies: He Doesn’t Care About Batman Or Superman Either


stan lee bannerStanThe ManLee cameos in almost every single Marvel movie there is, but he hasn’t been involved with Marvel‘s business (comics or movies) for years. He’s essentially the King of Marvel. He’s largely a figurehead who everyone loves and admires, as well they should. That has never seemed to stop people from asking him about the future of Marvel movies though. Lee has said for years and years that there will be a Dr. Strange and Black Panther movie. Every year sites report it like it is new. Well Lee recently chatted about future Marvel movies and threw a few other characters into the mix.

Speaking with TooFab (via THR), Stan Lee talked about some Marvel properties that could potential get their own movies in the future. Whether Lee has actually heard solid info on the movies or is just making a well-educated guess remains to be seen. We have heard rumors regarding all of these movies before though:

The people at Marvel are looking through our whole list of candidates and wondering which ones are we going to use now. They are going to do the Black Panther. They are going to use Doctor Strange. They are going to do Ant-Man. They are going to do the Guardians of the Galaxy. And they’ll probably do the Inhumans.

Kevin Feige has said he’s a fan of The Inhumans, so it is a real possibility that somewhere down the road Marvel will give Black Bolt and his royal family a film of their own. Marvel can’t mention anything mutant related due to Fox owning the X-Men, so the Inhumans and the Terrigen Mists would be an easy workaround for any potential mutant problems. There has been fan talk across the web that Joss Whedon may make Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Inhumans. I repeat that is only fan hope/speculation though.

BatsupesLee also revealed that Marvel doesn’t have to be in too big of a rush to make a female-led superhero movie, although he does think Black Widow will get her own film before long. Lee said that Marvel can take their time because “The thing is, the women like these movies as much as the guys so we don’t have to knock ourselves out finding a female.” Why some may disagree, I think we can all agree that Marvel should take their time and do it right.

And in a final piece of Stan Lee news, the legendary scribe spoke with the folks over at Total Film for their Batman vs. Superman podcast. They’ve been asking everyone they interview what they think about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman and whether they like the Man of Steel or the Caped Crusader more. Stan Lee has said he thinks Affleck will do a good job, but he seemed to be agitated at the questions considering he’s a Marvel guy:

Well, I don’t know. I’m not big fans of either of them. [pause] They’re competitive characters. [longer pause] I guess maybe I find Batman a little more interesting than Superman because he’s more fallible.

So there you have it. Stan Lee likes Batman better than Superman if you have to make him chose. He’s been on the record many times saying the only character he ever found interesting at DC was Lobo. Regardless of Lee‘s picks, a lot of people are looking forward to Batman vs. Superman. What do you think about Lee bringing out his usual movie quotes? What about his statement regarding DC‘s two biggest heroes?

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