Stan Lee Responds To David Goyer’s Asinine SHE-HULK Comments


stanYesterday some of Warner Bros. and DC super scribe David Goyer‘s rather eyebrow-raising comments about She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter popped up on the web from his appearance on the Scriptnotes Podcast during their Summer Superhero Spectacular special (which you can read by clicking here). The write said She-Hulk was little more than a male power fantasy and a big green porn star. That understandably upset some folks. One of those people that didn’t take too kindly to Goyer‘s comments was She-Hulk co-creator Stan The Man‘ Lee. The 91-year old living legend borrowed a page from Jennifer Walters book and Hulk smashed Goyer, verbally that is.

Speaking with The Washington Post about Goyer‘s questionable analysis, Lee said of She-Hulk‘s creation that “I know I was looking for a new female superhero, and the idea of an intelligent Hulk-type grabbed me.” As for Goyer‘s ‘theory’ that She-Hulk was just designed to be a…let’s say love interest instead of the more vulgar terms Goyer threw out, Lee says that is absolute absurd. Not least of which is that they are cousins. Lee told the site, “Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk. Only a nut would even think of that.” It seems that Stan will cede one point to Goyer though- She-Hulk is a beautiful woman. Lee finished things off by saying “As for her looking beautiful and curvy,” Lee tells Comic Riffs, “show me the superheroine who isn’t.

There you have it. Stan Lee has spoken. The writer echoed a lot of the sentiment that people were sharing yesterday after Goyer‘s comments hit. The internet has been in quite the tizzy since the comments first surfaced via The Mary Sue, and it seems like those fires will be burning for a while. Hopefully someone will speak out for the Martian Manhunter fans before long. Goyer did a number on them too. What do you think about Lee‘s response?


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Source : Washington Post