DocBBanner here with the part two series on Stan Lee, Marvel, Eastward-bound! We feature a look-back on the early November release of Iron Man anime released in Japan by Marvel and one of Japan’s legendary anime production studios Studio Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D Blood-lust, High School of the Dead, Hellsing Ultimate OVA 5-7).

Beginning with early to mid-2010, this series had a small following with video promotional(s) uploaded to YouTube, future descriptions on Wikipedia, and other promotional announcements inserted in various Marvel video product (the Iron Man 2 DVD/Blu-ray release). A small, brief, yet action-packed opening teaser detailing a taste of the eventual battles and conflicts Tony Stark and his allies will soon face later. Fast forward onto November and now 9-plus episodes have graced the airwaves of Japan and uploads/downloads/streams of the internet.

MARVEL Iron Man Promotional Trailer

The Iron Man anime features everything fans of anime come to expect for an anime adapted Comic book superhero. The usual great artwork and aesthetic elements to light-to-deep-colored detailed cityscape scenes are all there. From the trademark Madhouse character designs made for Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to new and story-specific characters such as News Journal reporter Nanami Outa and others, the style is consistent. The soundtrack score for the anime follows a typical heroic anime piece just perfect for an anime title of this type. Just enough orchestral flow along with hard edge techno-rock beats underlying the opening and ending music for the shows’s action theme.

The overall story for the Iron Man anime is taken a slight bit off from Tony Stark’s usual fare of tackling domestic to international conflicts with his collection of various Mark level class armors. As it goes; Stark Industries has recently partnered with Japan’s Ministry of Energy and natural resources for implementing Tony’s trademark ARC reactor technology to provide limitless energy resources in Japan. Stark’s deal also includes testing a reserve peace keeping force of armors (and one test showcasing of the new Iron Man Dio armor)to retain over there.

In the midst of all of this, Tony is immediately kept to his role in his armor, not just for his ego or altruism in helping others, but due to sudden dangers from Zodiac, a secret terrorist organization continually sending various mechanized agents to wreak havoc throughout urban Japan, destroy/abscond Stark’s work and reputation or eliminate Stark himself… Zodiac, having already taken control with the Iron Man Dio prototype, Stark looks to have his hands full.. But Tony is not alone against this conflict. Allied with the likes of research scientist Dr. Chika Tanaka, Japan Special Defense Force (JSDF) pilot/agent Nagato Sakurai, reporter Nanami Outa and even brief help from XMen favorite Wolverine, Stark keeps the good fight strong..

Throughout this, the ever strong concept of flash-backing Stark’s earlier days as a war tech engineer/profiteer turned humanitarian industrialist stays strong as well. Those moments, then lead with some surprising revelations to Tony’s current situation in the anime story as well.

Iron Man Anime Series Opening

All in all, Iron Man anime appears to be an interesting different perspective effort from Marvel and Studio Madhouse. For those hoping or preferring to catch this new production NOT out of the streaming fan-English subtitled venues on Video blogging sites, great news!.. G4 will be launching this series in an English dubbed format sometime early this year. Other Marvel series produced with Studio Madhouse will be following soon after the same.

Iron Man Anime G4 TV Promotional trailer

That is it for this feature for now folks… Catch the next features: Interview with Shannon Denton, writer for Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! and also the Top Picks to look for on animated comic-book related features in 2011.

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