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539363_4211588201479_1368140458_nPedro MarquesCo-Owner
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Co-Owner/Web Design & Technical Support
Pedro Marques is more well known by the alias “wolverinept” on his internet social life. He is a father, a movie lover and a comic book enthusiast.Regular contributor to numerous movie and comic book sites, you will most likely find him searching the internet for new releases, news and collectibles. is his latest challenge.

Michael WorthanContact Me Editor – Chief Operating Officer Co-OwnerMichael Worthan resides in Riverside California with his two dwarf hamsters Thor and Colossus. Michael has been writing for 12 years now, but as of last year started professionally and has somehow miraculously wound up co-owning Comic Book Therapy. Along with his plucky sidekick Mike works hard to bring the best stories to you, the reader, and hopes he will eventually conquer your hearts and minds, and if given the chance the world. Follow him on Twitter @notsosilentmike and become one of his elite followers!
Chris DoucherContact Me Managing Editor Co-OwnerMy fortress of solitude is in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. I hope you enjoy my musings on the industry, comic book reviews, interviews and everything else. Comment, rant and even agree with me sometimes. Plus, let me know if there is anything you think I should read and review.If I come across as polite and very Canadian-like, you’ll have to get used to that. But I will never say “eh!” Just thought I’d put that out there now. And hey, feel free to follow me on Twitter  @comic_canuck. Have fun and keep reading.
Agent BurgosContact Me President – Online Editorial Director – Co-OwnerThe location in which Agent Burgos lives is Top Secret, but he has access to a SHIELD  Helicarrier therefore he can travel everywhere. He loves IMAGE Comics, MARVEL and DC comics.
He joined forces with the Three Amigos and Co-Owns the most promising Website ever !
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Kevin Finnigan

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Senior Writer, Entertainment Reviewer & EditorKevin Finnigan is long time comic fan who mostly favors Marvel. But he still reads a good amount of DC, Image, Dark Horse, and all things that are great. Joss Whedon is the man, and the king of all things that are awesome. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man, and has a Venom tattoo to prove it.

Dan QuirogaContact MeContributing Writer Dan has been in and around the comics, science fiction, and animation entertainment scene most of his life and  has written on various segments of fine arts, film, and music throughout high school and college. Dan handled newsletter article reporting duties for several years with the Tucson Animation Screening Society (TASS), a well known Japanese anime screening and fan organization in southern Arizona.  In keeping with his writing skills, Dan does minor stints with industry and business correspondence for TASS as well as announcing his own personal picks for film and music choices on Facebook.  He also follows the convention industry for related hobbies of comics, film, digital media, gaming, and interactive entertainment.  As for his particular interests in this field, he enjoys titles from Marvel, DC. Image, Top Cow, Antarctic Press and others. He also keeps a vigilant eye on the pop culture scenes in Japan such as  anime and manga.


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