SPOILERS: The Walking Dead Episode 303 “Walk With Me” Recap And Sneak Peek At 304 “Killer Within”


Finally we got to see the Governor in action, and it didn’t disappoint. This episode “Walk With Me”, was only focused on Andrea, Michonne, Merle and The Governor. We got to take a look inside of Woodbury, and we got to witness how things run in there. We also got to see how charming the Governor really is, and how twisted and sick he also can be.

Fan of the comic will  be jumping in joy when they see the final shot of the episode… wow!

The Governor (David Morrissey)

The Governor is the charismatic leader of Woodbury, a seemingly utopian community, barricaded behind walls, which he built from the ground up. He protects the citizens of Woodbury from walkers and provides them with shelter, food , clothing and perhaps most importantly, with a semblance of what it was like to live in the world before the dead began walking.

We also saw the return of Merle Dixon, and no it wasn’t a hallucination.  Merle seems to do whatever the Governor tells him to do, but for how long? ure he is grateful that they found him and rescued him, but is he just a pawn of the Governor or does he have his own agenda?



Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)

After overcoming a grisly hurdle only partially intact, Merle was taken under the wing of a strong figure: the Governor. At Woodbury, Merle’s combative nature has helped him to ascend the ranks to become the Governor’s second in command. Woodbury fits Merle like a glove, but Dixon blood runs deep. Where will his loyalties fall if he must choose between the two?

Michonne and Andrea are “rescued” by the Governor and his men (they are kind of ruthless, I wouldn’t give one of them not even a baseball bat) and taken to Woodbury. Once there, Andrea gets medical attention and they get to clean up and eat, for once it all feels normal, just like before.
We get to see Michonne a little  uneasy about the whole situation, she knows something is up and doesn’t trust no one. Andrea on the other hand, seems to be enjoying this new place and finally feels safe after a long time.
This episode was good, not as epic as the past two, but still was a great way to introduce the Governor.

Now check out the making of episode 303 and a sneak peek at 304 :” Killer Within”



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