Spoilers: How Dick Grayson Is Forever Altered By Forever Evil


nightwingDick Grayson fans have been on edge since a teaser image for Nightwing in Forever Evil was released. The image (as you can see) featured a bloody Nightwing symbol and the tagline “When the unthinkable happens.” Everyone assumed that meant the former Robin would be clocking out of the New 52 for good (or a while at least). Well the actual fate of Dick has been revealed ahead of the comic’s release tomorrow. Obviously this is a big spoiler. Read on at your own risk. You got a warning in the title and now this one, so I’m going to assume you’ve been given fair warning.

Bleeding Cool has discovered that the horrible, earth shattering, status quo changing event isn’t that the Boy Wonder dies. What actually happens is that Nightwing is forced to publicly unmask and reveal his true identity to the world. The likely cause of the reveal could be Superwoman using her lasso of truth to force Dick’s hand. This rumor has been floating around for a few weeks, but many didn’t buy it because they thought that would mean people would figure out Bruce Wayne is Batman. That’s not necessarily true. Bruce announced he was funding Batman Inc., so he could still use that as a cover to explain Dick’s exploits. While we’ll have to wait and see the ramifications of the unmasking, it’s safe to say the ripple effects will be felt across the DC Universe. What do you think about the decision? Is this Spider-Man all over again or do you think it could work?

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Source : Bleeding Cool