Spider-Man’s Sidekick Alpha To Get A Marvel NOW! Miniseries


This February a five-issue minseries about Alpha, Spider-Man’s short lived sidekick, will be written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Nuno Plati. The character created by Dan Slott in issue 692 of Spider-man, the 50th Anniversary issue, had a very quick superhero rise and fall. Being seemingly depowered and thrown back to his prior life, Alpha will be moving to Pittsburgh.

Andy Maguire was a parallel to Peter Parker’s story, but without all the responsibility. He became too big for his britches and had his powers stripped in Amazing Spider-Man #694. Writer Fialkov talked about Andy:

He was a freak and then he became famous, and now he’s infamous and powerless essentially as far as the world knows. He’s that creepy kid who used to be on a sitcom when he was 5.

According to USA Today, the story will pick up three months after we last saw Alpha, his parents are divorcing and he is moving to Pittsburgh. In a semi-spoilery bit of information about the book coming out around the start of Superior Spider-Man #1, Alpha will have to fly back to New York every couple of weeks to Horizon where Peter will check up on him. Alpha will have “some of his powers back” and must figure out a way to use them right. The book will be directly related to the events of Spider-Man #700 and the new Superior Spider-Man. Stephen Wacker said the negative fan response to Alpha’s introduction was what they were hoping for.

This seems like it might be a slight redemption story of sorts for Andy “Alpha” Maguire. To read some of editor Stephen Wacker’s comments about the book and it’s Pittsburgh location, click here. What do you think about Alpha getting another shot?

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