SPIDER-MAN Producers Say Marketing Dropped The Ball With Green Goblin; Tease Black Cat And Spider Slayers


goblinWe’ve seen a lot of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The marketing for the Marc Webb directed sequel has been a major point of discussion online. Some think the movie is giving it all away for free and leaving very little to be revealed when the film is actually released. It seems that the film’s producers agree about the film’s over sharing, at least when it relates to the film’s secondary villain, Green Goblin. In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad say that someone in marketing messed up and revealed Gobbie‘s identity when they really shouldn’t have. The duo also tease the addition of new characters later on in the Spidey-verse.

When Den of Geek mentioned that the film had given away several secrets, specifically the plot point that Dane DeHaan‘s Harry Osborn would be the Goblin, Arad and Tolmach agreed that was a mess-up:

Avi: The truth is it was unexpected for us too.
Matt: It slipped out.
Avi: Something slipped through marketing. We worked really hard to keep it secret. Then something happened, and all of a sudden it appeared.
Matt: It happens.
Avi: But we have fanatical followers of movies now. It’s a national sport to find scenes of the movie.

While they only talk about the overabundance of footage when it comes to Green Goblin, would could guess their comments could be translated into other areas of the film. On a more positive note, the duo were asked about other comic book characters that are being seeded in the sequel. Two that we’ve known about for a while is Black Cat and Alistar Smythe, better known as the Spider Slayer. The producing duo said that there are “no accidents” when it comes to things like that. Arad told the site, “Everything you see that makes you think about the comics, I think you should read into it…When they’ll be implemented, that’s food for thought.

So while we may not see the Black Cat in the sequel, as many had thought, we will definitely see her in the near future along with a few other characters. With the Spider-Man universe expanding so much in the coming years, I’ll be surprised if any of the more recognizable names are left out. The two men had more to say about the world of Spidey, and you can read it at the source link below. What do you think about the producer’s comments?

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Source : Den of Geek