SPIDER-MAN Producers Have Some Rather Odd Comments About The SINISTER SIX Movie


sinister sixWith The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about to swing into theaters, fans are already looking ahead to what’s coming up next in the world of Sony‘s new expanded Spidey universe. New recently hit that either the Venom movie or the Sinister Six movie would debut before Spider-Man 4, so we’ve been hearing a few little tidbits about those two films. IGN recently spoke with producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad about the Sinister Six film, and the duo’s comments are rather odd when considering how the Sinister Six act in the comics.

Speaking with the site about the film’s potential line-up, the producers warn fans that they shouldn’t expect to see the ‘classic‘ lineup of Dock Ock, Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, or Sandman. Tolmach says that “Nothing is sacred. I mean it’s going to be the best Six that you can imagine, but it’s going to make sense in the world that we’re building.” The always vocal and eccentric Avi Arad added a little more to Tolmach‘s sentiments:

When you translate comic to film the word ‘classic’ means the first fifty issues. Because after that we all made changes; changes that had to do with science-fiction turning into science. I think just the need to move this world forward. So, of course we’ll make adaptations about these guys and what was their motivations because many of them have multiple motivations. It depends, is it ultimate Spider-Man? Is it Spider-Man? Is it some three-piece issue that takes them to space? We have a bigger responsibility to represent the character of the villain as it was conceived, because that way it will survive the test of time. All the rest… that’s a movie. What an opportunity to make– can you imagine seeing Paul Giamatti in a leather suit? I think they would have killed us. They gave us a hard time with the Lizard!

sinister sixIn a different interview with IGN, the duo talked about the film’s tone and the type of story they want to tell. This is where things get rather odd. Tolmach explained that there aren’t going to be any flat-out villains in the Spidey universe. He tells the site, “There’s no such thing as just a villain. There are villains by virture of choices that people make but they always begin as humans, as characters. As flawed people; as tragic people. You know great movies have been made about a bunch of bad gys who get together to do something. Those are sometimes the greatest characters to watch. A bunch of broken people coming together for whatever reason.” The producer wouldn’t comment one way or the other when it comes to whether or not Spider-Man himself would show up sometime in the film. Once again it’s Arad that provides the interesting and often eyebrow-raising comments:

As long as there’s that one thing in common: they’ll hate Spider-Man. They’ll hate him because he’s so different from them. But then, you know when you sit by yourself somewhere and you think about it, they all had a different life at one time and that’s what’s so beautiful about the Spider-Man universe. They have amazing stories if you look at it. And everybody’s looking for redemption; they’re unforgiven. Would you see one of the Sinister Six starting to feel like that? Yes. And people love it, but the way. They love when a villain finds his way back because we’re all very forgiving.

So Spider-Man may not show up, but all the villains will hate him as they search for redemption in the world that just misunderstands them. That seems to lend some credence to the rumblings that Venom will be an anti-hero movie with the main character going up against someone like Carnage. We’ll just have to wait and see how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets things up for these future movies. What do you think about the producer’s comments?

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