Spider-Man Catches A Ride With The Rhino In New Set Pics; Up Close And Personal Shots Of Giamatti


rhino bannerMarc Webb tweeted the first official pic of Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich aka The Rhino a little earlier today. The director must have been giving his followers an official glimpse before a slew of set pictures found their way online. Just Jared was able to snap some up close and personal shots of Giamatti as he was filming a scene with Andrew Garfield earlier today. The two were filming an action sequence where Spidey hops on the front of a big rig being driven by Aleksei Sytsevich. It appears Spider-Man is trying to stop Aleksei from stealing some sort of serum. Some giant vials of an orange substance was spotted around the truck. Could there be a Rhino serum in the vein of Curt Connors creation in the first movie?

Before and after filming of the scene, somebody got a great shot of Giamatti in all of his track suited glory. You can see the actor is tatted up literally from head to toe. Giamatti is sporting a string of barbed wire across his dome as well as several tattoos on his forearms and fingers. You can definitely tell Aleksei is a bad dude you don’t want to mess with. But the question remains- will he suit up or is he just such a hard case that people call him The Rhino? Time will tell. It’s also worth noting that Giamatti is holding a copy of a Spider-Man comic that features the first appearance of the Rhino. I think that’s just some off screen reading material though. What do you think about Giamatti‘s mobster look?
spider 1

giamatti 2

giamatti 1

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Source : Just Jared