Spider-Man 2099 Set For A Return Appearance In The Superior Spider-Man


2099Dan Slott had been teasing the fact that Miguel O’Hara would return to the Marvel Universe for a while. At one point a fake Tweet event hinted that the Spider-Man of Tomorrow would be the new Superior Spider-Man that would take over in Amazing Spider-Man #700. Well after a few months of teasing, Spider-Man 2099 is coming back to comics in a big way.

At Marvel‘s Superior Spider-Man panel at C2E2 today, it was announced that Miguel O’Hara would be a big player in Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman‘s The Superior Spider-Man starting in September with issue #17. He won’t be getting his own title again, but he will be a big player in a story line that sees the return of an Osborn and another ‘new chapter in Spider-Man‘s life.’ It also seems like we may be seeing the end of Dock Ock‘s time in Peter Parker‘s body. According to iFanboy, some of the panel’s rhetoric seemed to hint that the current “status quo is set to be displaced by something that will leave fans ‘up in arms.‘” Miguel O’Hara is just the first of some major shake-ups coming to the Spider-Man titles.

If you need a quick refresher on Spidey 2099, he first came on the scene during the 30th anniversary of Spider-Man back in ’92. Marvel had a whole line of heroes re-imagined in the far-off future of 2099. Miguel O’Hara, one of the more popular re-imagined characters, was a geneticist who wanted to reverse-engineer the thing that caused Peter Parker to become Spider-Man. What do you think about the return of Spider-Man 2099?

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Source : iFanboy