It Sounds Like We’ll Be Seeing A Lot More Of Spider-Man 2099


spider-man 2099 bannerFans of the future Spider-Man were excited to hear that Miguel O’Hara would be returning to the Marvel Universe proper in the pages of Dan Slott‘s Superior Spider-Man. This coming Wednesday will see the two Spider-Men coming face to face in issue #17. While Miguel will be around for a few issues as Slott lays out this new story, in sounds like we may be seeing a lot more of Spidey 2099 soon.

In his weekly chat with the folks at CBR, Marvel‘s Editor-In-Chief Axel Alsonso covered a wide range of topics. One of the questions he was asked was how the decision to bring back certain Marvel characters worked. Was it a case where editorial makes a suggestion or do they wait for a writer to pitch them an idea? Alonso used Spider-Man 2099 as an example and hinted that we might see more of the character, possibly in his own series.

It’s just part of an ongoing dialog between writer and editor. Sometimes an editor makes a suggestion; sometime it’s the writer. Dan had a very good reason to dust off Spider-Man 2099 and bring him back onto the playing field, and it fit into his long-term Spider-Man plans. By the time Dan’s worked his magic, who knows — maybe Spider-Man 2099 could anchor his own monthly series?

Marvel is getting ready to launch a second wave of Marvel NOW! comics. We know they are relaunching certain books and also introducing completely new series. Fans were very vocal about Spider-Man 2099 returning, so maybe their voices were heard and a solo series is on the horizon. While we won’t know for sure until we see where the character ends up in Slott‘s story, it sounds like Marvel has been having some serious conversations about what’s next for the webslinger. If you missed the preview for the upcoming Superior Spider-Man issue where Miguel makes his reappearance, you can check it out below. What do you think about Spider-Man 2099 possibly getting his own title?










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