Sounds Like Everything But The Designs Are Scrapped From David Goyer’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Script


batman vs supermanThere have been a lot of conflicting reports about just when Batman vs. Superman (or whatever they’re going to end up calling the Man of Steel sequel) will actually begin filming. There have been even more reports about just how much of David Goyer‘s original script Ben Affleck‘s Argo scribe Chris Terrio would rewrite. Today Batman-on-Film have received an update from their source Doctor Detroit regarding the filming that will be going on in Detroit and some word on how much of Goyer‘s original pass at the story may be maintained in Terrio‘s script.

Superman_Batman_ComicsBatman-on-Film‘s source is saying that the film will be in Detroit this March, but there are some things going on in Los Angeles right now that may or may not be used for the film or just promotional materials for the Zack Snyder flick. The update also includes some potentially major news about how much work Terrio has done on the screenplay. Here’s what Doctor Detroit had to say:

One minor update and one potentially major update. I’ve been told that Michigan shooting will start at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac. I’m hearing mid-March as the start date. Michigan location shooting won’t start until late spring (May or possibly June) at the earliest.
Now, I specified ‘Michigan’ shooting above, because we know a scene has already been shot in Los Angeles. However, with Chris Terrio now [re-writing the film], that footage is likely scrapped. There was speculation that everything up to the point of Terrio taking over had been scrapped as well (including Batsuit and Batmobile) but that does not appear to be the case. BECAUSE…
My sources tell me a shoot is currently taking place in the Los Angeles area. What’s being shot? Well, I’ve been told it involves the highly anticipated, new BATMOBILE! Whether this footage will end up being used in the film or is for the purposes of testing/promotion is not entirely clear. But it does reveal that pre-Terrio/Affleck designs have been retained.
This information coincides with what I’d heard previously about the new Batmobile being tested in late January/early February.

So it sounds like Terrio is doing a page one rewrite with nothing but the Batsuit and Batmobile designs being kept from Goyer‘s version. There’s speculation that the football scenes in California from late last year may even be scrapped too. It seems very likely that Terrio will get the writing credit with Goyer getting a “story by” or “screenplay by” credit. Goyer will still be around since he has such a large role in the DC Cinematic Universe, so this isn’t devastating news to him. He still has several TV shows and movies he’s writing or overseeing.  This just goes to show how much sway Ben Affleck has with Warner Bros over Batman‘s portrayal moving forward and Batman vs. Superman‘s story as a whole. Warner Bros. has shown they are in the Ben Affleck business, and it looks like they’re doing everything they can to keep him happy. Terrio‘s rewrite may even be the lion’s share of the reason why the film was delayed ten months. That’s just speculation, but it would make a lot of sense. Obviously take this with a grain of salt as with all other rumors, scoops, and speculation as with every other piece of news for this film that doesn’t come directly from Warner Bros., but it’s definitely something to discuss. So what do you think? Are you happy with the filming update? Are you surprised Terrio may be reworking the script so drastically?

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Source : Batman-on-Film