Sony & Marvel Will Have To Be Uninspired In Order To Get SPIDER-MAN Into An AVENGERS Movie

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Ever since Marvel assembled the mighty Avengers, fans have often questioned whether or not their favorite web-slinger would ever be able to find his way onto the team, despite the character belonging to a different studio. Rumors and reports have suggested that some talks have occurred between Sony and Marvel, going so far as to almost have included the Oscorp Tower in the skyline of New York in The Avengers. Not surprisingly, a lot of work and negotiations have to take place in order for it to happen and if Avi Arad, founder of Marvel Studios, is correct, it could be a long time before we see Spider-Man fighting alongside Captain America and Iron Man. 

According to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer, the studios would need to reach a point where they had no where else to go. As we know, these characters have a very rich and lengthy history to pull from, so coming up with a film idea for the foreseeable future shouldn’t be too difficult. Essentially, Arad says they’d have to be out of ideas to cross the characters over into films.

“I think it will take a moment in which we’ve run out of ideas. There’s so much to tell about Spider-Man. There’s so much to tell about the Sinister Six. The relationship between Spider-Man and Venom will bring a whole other world in. We did it in the books; we did team-ups all the time. Even with DC. You know, we’d flip a coin, ‘Okay, who’s going to win, Batman or The Hulk? We’ll make a cover out of it.
“But we really feel very confident that we have so much to do […] Peter Parker is unique; he’s really different. He’s not an Avenger. He’s not an X-Man. He’s unique and we revere that. And we’d rather work really hard to have the right ideas than – you know in the toy business we used to make toys glow in the dark when they weren’t selling well and it gave at least another Christmas. We don’t need it yet.”

What I get from that statement is that if he has anything to do with it, Spider-Man won’t be in an Avengers film for a very long time. Sony is in the process of expanding the Spidey-verse with the addition of a Venom film, as well as a film centered on the famed Sinister Six group, which is expected to be established by the end of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As awesome as it would be to see Spider-Man teaming up with the Hulk or Thor, I’m not getting my hopes up for it to happen any time soon. But hey, never say never, right?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives in theaters in just a few weeks and sees the return of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively. Joining them are Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Chris Cooper, Colm Feore and Sally Field.


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Source : IGN