31 in 31: Day 2 “Dog Soldiers”

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 For day 2  of 31 in 31 is the movie Dog Soldiers, written and directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent).




Dog Soldiers is set in Northern Scotland and is about a group of British military soldiers, but mainly centering around Pvt. Cooper (Kevin McKidd), that are dropped via helicopter in the woods for a weekend of training. Within a day of training they come across a different group that has been killed. Killed is putting it lightly, it was a massacre, however, they come across a survivor.

Shortly after coming across the survivor, they realize that that something that killed this other group is out in the woods and is now pursuing them. A chase scene reveals that what is chasing them is pack of werewolves. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill Wolfman type werewolves, thought they walk upright, these things are more beast than man. They’re taller, larger, stronger, and faster. In short, they’re the $10 million dollar man version of a werewolf.

In the midst of the wolf-chase, Cooper and company run into a girl named Meagan, a zoologist, who helps them escape and take cover in a countryside cottage. This is were the stand off begins, the werewolves know the humans are inside and vice versa. Two teams of two species. One hunting and one fighting for survival.

A typical werewolf movie normally showcases one person’s transformation into a werewolf and the after effects. What makes Dog Soldiers unique is the fact that there is more than one werewolf present and that they’re working and traveling together like a wolf pack would do.

There is a lot more to fill in-between the lines, but I try to keep my synopses as spoiler-free as possible. So, if you enjoyed this I really hope you enjoy the movie!.

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