So The Joker Has A Daughter!?


DC started a new feature on their website this week called “What’s New In The New 52” where editor-in-chief Bob Harras talks about and teases some of the new developments in the comic book world. The second installment in the new blog hit a little earlier today, and it asks a pretty intriguing question- is this the Joker’s daughter?

The text below is the only thing said about the accompanying picture. Last we saw the Joker, he was falling to his certain demise at the end of Scott Snyder‘s Death of the Family arc. It looks like somebody found the Clown Prince of Crime‘s face and is using it as a mask. You may know that before the New 52 there was a character that went by “Joker’s Daughter.” Her name was Duela Dent, and she was actually the daughter of Two-Face. Of course she was a little cray, so she saw herself as the daughter of many of Batman‘s rogues. There’s a lot of twists and turns with her history, so here’s a link to her Wikipedia entry to get the rundown on her story. Do you think this is Duela Dent, or is it somebody else? Harper Row maybe?

Something evil lurks under Gotham City and it wears the Joker’s face.


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Source : DC Comics