So It Really Looks Like Transformers 4 Will Have Dinobots


dinobotThe evidence has been piling up the last few days that Michael Bay will be using the Dinobots in Transformers 4. The director talked about changing things up and kicking off an entirely new trilogy with the upcoming film, but nobody was quite sure just how much he would be doing things differently. Now it seems that not only will be get Optimus and his crew, but we’ll also be getting Grimlock and his gang as well.

The first piece of evidence came this weekend when Bay and company released the first official photo from the film. The director posted the photo of himself, actors Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor, and various members of the film crew standing around an alien construct. While we can speculate on what exactly that thing is, there we can all agree it’s alien in origin. Shortly after that picture surfaced, Coming Soon reported that filming in Chicago this weekend would involve a scene with the Dinobots. While there obviously wouldn’t be any visible evidence on set since they would be CGI, it did add some credence to the rumors.

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The second piece of evidence came just a little earlier today in the form of a leaked Toys R Us document (via Bleeding Cool) with some blurbs about upcoming toy lines that will be sold as movie tie-in sets. The Star Wars information at the top is common knowledge by now, but the Hasbro section shows some Dinobot themed toys will be coming out with all of the Transformers 4 offerings. Bay has to change things up with each film to sell more toys for Hasbro (everyone knows that, it’s no secret) so an entirely new set of heroes would make some hot new figures that will make kids annoy their parents until they break down and buy them.


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The final piece of evidence, at least for now, is a pic of a crew member wearing a baseball cap with the film’s logo (via The 4 in the logo features some slash marks that look a lot like claws. Dinosaur claws. That seems to be the smoking gun. There isn’t really a good explanation for the marks other than it being a claw mark of a Dinobot. So while it’s not official, it does seem like a good bet that Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop, or Paddles will be turning up to take down the Decepticons. What do you think about the possibility?


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