So How Much Trouble Are Pacific Rim And R.I.P.D. In At The Box Office?


box officeIt has been a roller coaster ride this year at the movies. It seems like only a handful of movies are making the really big bucks at the box office and most films are getting beat up by critics. Two movies that are getting their obituaries written before they even debut are Pacific Rim and R.I.P.D. One film has fanboys and girls chomping at the bit to get a look, and the other is a little more polarizing. Read on to see a quick rundown of each movie’s box office predictions and some brief thoughts on how they’ll do gauging it with things read around the web.


pacific rim posterPacific Rim is directed by Guillermo Del Toro. It’s a movie about big robots fighting bigger monsters. It sounds awesome, it looks awesome, and Del Toro’s name usually makes nerds (myself included of course) pay attention. The film doesn’t seem to have non-nerds excited though. Blame it on marketing or stupid people on Twitter thinking it’s a Transformers knockoff (Seriously! Do a quick Twitter search and weep for humanity). The film had a budget of $180 million and BoxOffice.Com has it projected for a $38 million opening weekend with a predicted $135 million total domestic gross. Of course the estimates could go higher or lower than expected and worldwide numbers aren’t represented, but those aren’t fantastic numbers.

Pacific Rim will have nerd butts in seats. That’s not a problem. It needs to get the general movie going audience to show up, and that could happen if word of mouth is good. It’s currently setting at 85% all critics and 75% top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. If it holds up, there’s a good chance the movie might just be OK after all. I would say Pacific Rim has the best chance of this summer’s offerings to do better than expected. Though if it just broke even, that wouldn’t be a good thing at all as far as movie execs are concerned. I’m saying this one is on the bubble.




The other film coming out next week that has people worried is R.I.P.D. The film’s trailers and TV spots have received mixed reviews from audiences. Some people, not aware of Dark Horse’s awesome comic book series, see it as a new version of MIB with Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Rooster Cogburn without the eye patch from True Grit. The fact that Ryan Reynolds is in it is cause for concern as well. He hasn’t had the best track record with comic book movies. The film is projected to have a $15 million opening weekend with a predicted total domestic gross of $38 million according to again. The film had a budget of $130 million. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. Couple this with the fact that press screenings aren’t even going on until Thursday evening, a mere three hours before the movie debuts to the public. That indicates that Universal has little to no faith in R.I.P.D. There’s no way to have reviews in before the film opens, and that’s what Universal is hoping for.

R.I.P.D. will have to put up big numbers the first day or two if it hopes to make any headway, because I don’t see word of mouth being strong enough to facilitate a surge of movie goers flocking to the theater. Ryan Reynolds has a kid’s movie called Turbo coming out the same day, so no matter what happens Reynolds will beat himself at the box office. I’d give the edge to Turbo. I really hope R.I.P.D. is a fun movie and proves all of us wrong, but right now I’m saying this one is dead on arrival.


So Pacific Rim has a good chance of doing a little better than expected and R.I.P.D. will probably do exactly what we expect. What do you think about the analysis of the next two week’s big flashy movies? Do you agree or do you think I’m completely off base?

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