So How Much Damage Was Done In The Man Of Steel? Infographic Shows The Cost


man of steel bannerIf you saw Man of Steel this weekend, you know that the entire third act is basically an epic battle between Superman and Zod. Smallville took a lot of damage during Superman‘s first big battle, but it was Metropolis that got took the brunt of the damage. Zod let loose the World Engine which pounded the shining city into a debris filled mess. The folks over at BuzzFeed just posted a study from scientist and disaster expert Charles Watson who worked with his team at Watson Technical Consulting to map out the damage done in regards to human casualties and the monetary cost.

You can read the rundown below, but the damage Superman and Zod caused cost nearly 129,000 people their lives. The monetary cost was $750 Billion in physical damage with the overall impact rounded to 2 Trillion dollars. They include the cost of the damage done during the terrorists attack of 9/11 and the fictional cost of The Avengers battle of Manhattan for comparison. You can tell Superman didn’t do his best in containing Zod. Hopefully the sequel will explore the toll this takes on Superman as he tries to become the shining beacon of hope we know and love. That would address a lot of people’s biggest concern about the movie. These numbers also gives Lex Luthor a heck of a reason to hate Superman. A lot of those buildings they were crashing into had LexCorp logos. You can read the full report by clicking the source link. What do you think about the infographic? Does the cost surprise you?


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Source : BuzzFeed