Slott And Wacker On Amazing Spider-Man #700: Plus 5 Pages Of Superior Spider-Man


superiorWith no other Marvel comics shipping today besides Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Avenging Spider-Man 15.1, the explosive story was sure to be the talk of the web. If you haven’t read the story yet and have been able to avoid spoilers, kudos to you, but you might not want to read any further.

In the big finale to Amazing Spider-Man, we see Spider-Man do something he doesn’t do that much-lose. After switching minds and bodies with the dying Doc Ock, Spider-Man had about an hour left before time ran out. Time pretty much ran out before Peter Parker could become Spider-Man again. After a very Charles Dickens Christmas Story twist where Doc Ock saw the memories and lost loved ones that helped make Peter Parker such a hero, he decided that he wouldn’t use his new found powers for ill. Doc Ock would use Peter Parker’s body and powers to be a better hero than the original Parker could ever be.

Writer Dan Slott and editor Stephen Wacker spoke with USA Today about the polarizing issue and January’s Superior Spider-Man #1. Writer Dan Slott compared the Freaky Friday swap to other characters in literature, saying “This is Moriarty in the head of Sherlock. This is Prince John inside of Robin Hood. This is the greatest villain inside the body of the greatest hero and trying to do good.” Slott says Doc Ock going from mere moments away from kicking the bucket to a fresh new body is going to change him to his core. In the old days, the people of New York saw Spider-Man as a menace even though he was being a hero. Now the readers see the new Spider-Man as a menace while the people of New York see him as a hero. The writer also commented on that perception change:

He had to be a hero in his own eyes, and on some level Otto Octavius is facing that struggle not with Spider-Man’s world but with the readership. How do you get more Peter Parker than that? Now the readers think he’s a menace. That’s exciting. On a meta level, that is Spider-Man.

Editor Stephen Wacker also touched on upcoming Spider-Man relaunch book and what kind of tone they were going for:

We want to do Spider-Man by way of Batman — a little creepier and darker. It’s also what the good part of our first year of Superior is about: Doc behaving in a manner he’s not accustomed to. We see a more sympathetic side of Doctor Octopus. We couldn’t have a Spider-Man who was running around murdering people. And I have no interest in seeing that sort of character win.

Along with the comments from the two men, there was a special 5 page preview of Superior Spider-Man #1. So the new status quo kicks off in January with Doc Ock as Spider-Man. Peter Parker is still Spider-Man, but Peter Parker isn’t Peter Parker if that makes any sense. With comics though, the story-altering main character deaths are always permanent and can never be undone. Nobody that has died in comics has ever come back from the grave either shortly after dying or a few years down the road. Doc Ock will always be Spider-Man and nothing can change that, not even a movie that may come out in the next two years. What did you think of #700? Are you ready for Superior?

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Source : USA Today