Simon Pegg And Edgar Wright Talk ANT-MAN And The Challenges Of Making A PG-13 Movie


ant-manEdgar Wright has been promoting the Blu-ray release of The World’s End with his friends Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but the director has been bombarded with Ant-Man questions. While he is getting noticeably tired of the questions, he is saying what he can about the movie and teasing what he has in store. Wright and Pegg talked about the highly-anticipated movie in a recent interview with SFX where Pegg revealed whether he was eager for a part in the superhero flick and Wright touched on the challenges from going to hard R comedies to the PG-13 world of superheroes.

ant-manSimon Pegg sent the internet into a tizzy this past summer when he visited the Marvel offices and pointed at Ant-Man on a giant mural on the office wall. Numerous sites started running this as hints that Pegg would be Hank Pym or Scott Lang in his buddy’s movie. The actor revealed that it was just a joke because he knew it would get such a reaction, but that didn’t halt the speculation. Pegg revealed he’d like a role in Ant-Man, but he would encourage his friend not to get into business with him again:

If I was Edgar, I wouldn’t cast me in Ant-Man, because I think he obviously has to spread his wings as a director and be seen not to just come with me as a package. Same with Nick. We need to do things separately so we don’t ultimately get seen as coming as a double act. You know, Ant-Man would be enormous fun to be in, but I think Ant-Man himself has to be a lot younger than me for a start. And there probably isn’t a part for me. If Edgar asked me, I’d think about it. But as his friend and his lawyer, I would advise strongly against asking me.

So while Pegg wouldn’t turn an offer down, he understands why Wright would probably want to distance himself from the actor for this project. It’s easy to see how Pegg and/or Nick Frost popping up in Ant-Man would sort of take away from things. I’m sure the trio will work together again before long, so it’s not a complete wash.

Wright was a little more tight-lipped about things. He admitted he was getting a little tired of all the questions before he even really begins work on the film, saying with a sigh “I feel like people want so much information.” One thing he was willing to talk about was the challenged of reigning things in and making a PG-13 after a string of hard R movies:

But in a way, it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge to do. Shaun and Hot Fuzz and World’s End are all R-rated films. I like the challenge of making a PG-13 film. Because you’ve got to entertain in a different way. You don’t have the same tools. It’s also different in terms of Scott Pilgrim. They’re both adaptations. It’s nice to be able to do an adaptation. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to do Ant-Man straight away and that I wanted to do World’s End. It was important to me that me and Simon do a purely original screenplay as our next movie. But it’s nice to have the opportunity to mix it up.

Wright is definitely up for the challenge though. Scott Pilgrim is a vastly underrated movie, let alone comic book movie. It will be interesting to see just what direction he is really taking with Ant-Man. Regardless of the direction, it’s probably a safe bet that Pegg and Frost won’t be along for the ride. You can read a little more from The World’s End guys at the source link. What do you think about the duo’s comments?

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Source : SFX