Simon Pegg Comments On Lens Flare Jokes And Star Trek 3


simon peggFans in the States will get their chance to watch Star Trek Into Darkness tonight as midnight showings for the film kick off across the country. We’re in the final throws of the press push for the JJ Abrams‘ sequel, but the cast and crew are still revealing some new and interesting information. Collider got the chance to speak to Simon Pegg about Darkness. The hilarious Pegg let loose with both barrels concerning all those people that make lens flare jokes, but he also talked honestly about a third Trek movie and what Abrams‘ involvement might be.

One of the things you seen in any comments section of a Star Trek or JJ Abrams article is people making jokes about the infamous lens flares. The technique has become a trademark of sorts for the director. Pegg has a message for all the people that continue to crack jokes about it:

abrams lens flareProbably some film student who wanted to demonstrate his or her knowledge of film terminology, thus elevating themselves to an assumed level of critical superiority, which gave them the kind of smug, knowing smile that indicates a festering sour grape, fizzing in the pit of their own ambition. It’s become a sort of communal stick to have a crack at JJ with, mostly by people who didn’t know what the fuck lens flare was, until someone started sneering the term all over their blog. It demonstrates JJ’s supreme talent as a film maker that the main means of knocking him is to magnify a throw away artistic choice, into some sort of hilarious failing.

Lens flare is essentially an anomaly caused by light hitting the lens and creating refracted shapes. Because it draws attention to the fact that we are looking at a filmed event, it actually creates a subliminal sense of documentary realism and makes the moment more vital and immediate. In the same way Spielberg spattered his shots with bloody seawater in Saving Private Ryan, JJ suggests that the moment we are in is so real and alive, there just isn’t time to frame out all the light and activity. The irony is by acknowledging the film’s artifice, you are enhancing the reality of the moment. It’s clever and I love it. On set we call it ‘best in show’ and our amazing director of photography, Dan Mindel has a special technique to achieve it.  To the detractors, I offer a polite fuck you and suggest you find a new stick to beat us with, if being a huge, boring neggyballs is necessary for your personal happiness.

Well, at least he said it was a polite F you. Moving on to something a little more positive, Pegg addresses the rumors that Paramount wants a third Star Trek filming the next couple of years to mark the franchise’s 50th anniversary. With Abrams busy with the new Star Wars, it seems almost impossible for him to direct the third Trek. Pegg comments on when he thinks the next film will begin production and what he thinks about the director situation.

Pure speculation but I’m guessing JJ  and his team will find a shit hot director to take the helm and then JJ will remote produce from Tatooine or wherever the heck he is. There is no way he will simply hand it over. His stamp will be all over it and his voice will be in every creative decision. He has too much heart invested in this story to just move on to something else and not look back, he’s not that kind of person. The good thing about this is that we might start making the film sooner than even we thought we would.

You can read the full interview with Pegg where he talks a lot more about Star Trek by clicking here. I’ll have to disagree slightly with Pegg. The lens flare jokes were funny for a time. Yes, they are old and played out now, but there was a time when they’d get a chuckle from most everybody. Star Trek 3 will undoubtedly happen. It’s a sure bet. The only question is how quickly will it start filming and who will be the heir to the director’s chair. What do you think about Pegg‘s comments? Do you have any guesses about Trek 3?

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Source : Collider