Simon Kinberg Touches On The Quicksilver Controversy; Says The Character Will Be In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE


QuicksilverBannerIt was a whole big thing. Joss Whedon and company had just announced that they would be utilizing the talents of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and fans were overjoyed and excited. But then in what appeared to be an act of “we can use him too,” Fox announced that Quicksilver would also appear in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Naturally fans jumped to the conclusion that this was only a ploy by Fox to try and one up Marvel Studios.

That is not the case. Well at least not to screen writer Simon Kinberg. He chatted it up with Total Film where he was asked about the controversy surrounding the character. “It wasn’t something that we anticipated because we didn’t know they were using him in The Avengers movie,” he explained. “It got publicized, I think, weeks after we had made the decision that we had done it, and then after that even I think it was a little while before the controversy started in terms of them using him too.”

On of the main difference between the two movies is that The Avengers will be utilizing both Quicksilver AND Scarlet Witch. Kinberg said that while they didn’t use both of them for Days Of Future Past, there was a little wink and a nod in there. “We talked about bringing Scarlet Witch into the mix for this film. Actually there was a little scene that we shot, that we ended up cutting out of the movie that alluded to her. It didn’t push the movie forward so it ended up being cut like lots of bits and pieces on a movie that’s this complicated and has this many characters,” said Kinberg.

Fox is hoping that Quicksilver will be a big hit in Days Of Future Past. Not only are they hoping, they are betting on it. According to Kinberg, Quicksilver will, “absolutely be back for the next X-Men movie.” Which of course has the subtitle, Apocalypse.

It’s really no surprise that they would be looking to utilize Quicksilver more in upcoming movies to inject some new life into a franchise that has had the same characters for years. Adding Scarlet Witch to the mix, as well as Channing Tataum as Gambit, could give the franchise a renewed shot in the arm. Check out the video below, and check back here at Comic Book Therapy for all things X-Men.

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