Simon Kinberg Discusses The Hurdles Of A FANTASTIC FOUR/X-MEN Crossover


Wolverine-Thing-Fantastic-Four-X-Men-1024x604With Marvel setting the bar for crossovers and shared universes, other studios are struggling to keep up and reach the level that they have set and they are realizing how difficult it is to do it. Warner Brothers and DC are in the process of setting up their shared universe with Batman Vs Superman and the direct follow-up Justice League. A few weeks ago, Sony began laying the ground work for their movie-verse in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now, will these two ventures be as successful as Marvel’s? We don’t know yet and it may be a few years before we do. The other studio that is toying with the shared universe concept is Fox, who own the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four. For some time now, it’s been rumored that the studio would begin working on crossovers between the two franchises, going so far as to hiring Mark Millar to oversee the projects. However, not much movement has been seen on that front.

Simon Kinberg, who worked on the script for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and serves as a producer on the impending X-Men: Days of Future Past, recently spoke with ScreenCrush about the struggles that exist when trying to combine the two universes.

Well, it’s complicated. Because none of the X-Men movies have acknowledged the notion of a sort of superhero team — the Fantastic Four. And the Fantastic Four acquire powers, so for them to live in a world where mutants are prevalent is kind of complicated, because you’re like, “Oh, you’re just a mutant.” Like, “What’s so fantastic about you?”

That makes sense, as you can’t just take a universe that’s existed for the better part of two decades now and just drop in a whole new world. Fans of the comics and the characters may have a better understanding of those two universes, but the general movie populace is an entirely different animal. Just because there are many comic book movies that hit theaters each year, it doesn’t mean that everyone gets an honorary nerd-card and understands how it all works. Now, this doesn’t mean that we won’t see the X-Men teaming up with the Fantastic Four to battle Galactus or some other ginormous threat in some future film, but just know that it takes a lot more than just writing a script and making it happen. X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to hit theaters on May 23rd, while the Josh Trank led Fantastic Four reboot is slated to begin filming in the comings weeks. That film will hit theaters next summer.

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