Simon Kinberg On DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Budget & Opening Sequence



In just a few weeks, the world will bear witness to what will hopefully be one of the best installments in Fox’s famed and successful X-Men franchise. The film, which is named after and centered on the popular Days of Future Past story line, will bring together the characters and stars from both the First Class franchise as well as director Bryan Singer’s original X-Men films. It also fully introduces the popular mutant-hunting Sentinels, which play a pivotal role in the story.

Fox is currently in the midst of a marketing assault on all venues of media, and in one of the many clips we’ve seen, a rag-tag group of mutants has been seen taking on the vicious-looking futuristic Sentinels. This sequence, which features the likes of Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Blink, Bishop, Warpath, Colossus and Sunspot, is actually the opening scene of the film and it is quite the impression to lead off with. In a recent interview with ColliderDays of Future Past writer and producer Simon Kinberg, who has taken on the role of spokesperson for the project ever since Bryan Singer became wrapped up in an ugly legal matter, discussed this opening scene and the importance it plays in the overall scheme of things.

“Well, that opening scene is introducing, really, this sort of refugee group of mutants that Kitty’s the leader of in the future. And so, in the movie, it’s before we even meet our X-Men, it’s before we meet Patrick, Ian, Hugh, and Halle. We sort of cold open in many ways on Kitty, Warpath, Blink, Colossus, Sunspot, Bishop, and we sort of wanted to show what a pack of these refugees living day to day knowing the Sentinels are out there, what their life would be like, and what an attack would look like, and also setting up Kitty’s power, of being able to send consciousness back in time to warn people so that they can move away before the attack comes. That’s the sort of critical engine of the movie, her sending a consciousness back to 1973 to warn that something bad is gonna happen that they’ve got to stop from happening.”

future-sentinel-x-men-days-of-future-pastAs most fans of the original comic know, it’s actually Kitty Pryde, played by Ellen Page, that goes back in time to help stop certain events from occurring, which would eventually lead to the apocalyptic world the X-Men are currently living. For the film, that job has been given to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, who, because of his healing factor, is able to withstand the time travel. However, it is Kitty Pryde that actually send him through time. It’s an interesting and effective way to open the film.

A while back, it was rumored that Days of Future Past would be the studio’s most expensive film behind only Avatar. To date, we have not heard an official number in regards to budget, but a cast of this scale and talent would require a substantial budget. Not to mention the large amount of CG work and post-filming work that was required. From the looks of the trailers and clips we’ve seen, Singer has put the money to good use. Kinberg addressed the topic of budget in his discussions as well.

“The budget was not bigger than Titanic’s budget was, I can suspect that’s true… We do not have James Cameron money.  They gave us a healthy budget to make the movie with, and it was all we needed.  It’s a big movie.  It’s definitely the biggest in scope and scale of any of the X-Men movies You know, X3 had a really big budget, too.”

Eventually, this information will find its way online and no doubt it will be an impressive number. X-Men: Days of Future Past was a huge under taking and, as I mentioned before, will hopefully have a nice pay-off. The story is hugely popular and from the looks of thing, it looks to be chock full of action and great moments. Hopefully the film isn’t a victim of superb trailer editing.You can check out the opening sequence below and check out the entire film when it hits theaters on May 23rd. The film stars a massive cast including Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Nicholas Hoult, Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Lucas Till, Booboo Stewart, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Omar Sy, Peter Dinklage and many more.

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