Shang-Chi Strikes Out On His Own In A New DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU Miniseries

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shang-chiShang-Chi is a Master of Kung Fu, a hero, a fighter, and an Avenger. This May the master of martial arts will also be the star of his own four-issue miniseries from writer Mike Benson and Malaysian artist Tan Eng Huat. The miniseries will be a revamp of sorts for the short lived but highly popular Deadly Hands of Kung Fu comic from the 1970s. Benson, a writer for TV (Entourage) and comics, recently spoke with Newsarama about Shang-Chi‘s new adventure and how it can only be described as “Bruce Lee meets Jason Bourne.

Shang-Chi has always had his fans, but the hero has gained in popularity the past few years thanks in part to his larger presence in the Avengers and the recent Infinity event. Marvel is using that increased popularity to roll out a new miniseries featuring the Kung Fu master following a bloody trail of “murder and mystery after the death of a former lover who worked for England’s MI-6.” Benson goes on to describe the series as follows:

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is going to be a combination of the old 70’s title, which really was heavy on Bruce Lee, David Carradine and all those great Sunday afternoon Shaw Brother films mixed with a heavy helping of the Bourne films. That’s really the tone more than anything. The story’s jumping off point starts when someone from Shang-Chi’s past which he was close with was murdered. When Shang0Chi learns of her death, he is appropriately devastated and goes to the United Kingdom to pay his last respects. It is here that he gets drawn into a much larger scenario.

The writer says we can expect to see a few of the hero’s classic enemies as well as a few new ones. He teased the appearance of Razor Fist, the Sons of the Tiger, and the Daughters of the Dragon. With Shang-Chi taking center stage in Avengers World #3, the stage is really being set for the character to go off on his own adventure. Shang-Chi and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu sounds like an old school 70s action movie told in a modern setting. With Iron Fist getting his own series later this year, could we be seeing a resurgance of the karate/kung fu/martial arts genre for Marvel? You can read everything the writer had to say about the series at the source link below. What do you think about Shang-Chi getting his own miniseries?


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Source : Newsarama