Shane Black On Iron Man 3: Pepper Potts’ Sex Tape, Tony’s Gun, And More


mandarinDirector Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce discussed Iron Man 3 at a special screening of the film and the Agent Carter one-shot at the Los Angeles Film School this week. The duo were promoting the upcoming Blu-ray release as well as sharing their insights into the film making process.  Black revealed some pretty surprising and controversial scrapped ideas that almost made it into the film. If you weren’t thrilled with the Trevor twist, then you wouldn’t like what could have happened to Pepper Potts. The director talked about the infamous Trevor twist, how Killian almost pushed Tony too far with his taunting, and how he doesn’t care what people think about Tony Stark using a gun.

Iron Man 3 got a lot of heat for the way it interpreted The Mandarin. Sir Ben Kingsley portrayed the perfect Mandarin only to have it revealed that he was nothing more than a sad, washed up actor. Black said that Marvel was behind the idea 100%. When the discussion’s moderator asked Black if the Trevor reveal could be a “trick within a trick” and Ben Kingsley was actually the real Mandarin all along, Black wasn’t too thrilled with that idea:

Is it really worth it? [Drew Pearce added] I think there’s definitely evidence in the Marvel Universe the Ten Rings are a real organization that were co-opted by Killian. What that means is out there, and whether Trevor has anything to do with that, we may never know. Or maybe we will.

robert downey jr sadBefore Trevor was revealed as a fake, Killian orchestrated several events to try and taunt Tony Stark into fighting. One of the scrapped ideas was for Pepper Potts to be under the influence of “Extremis-ehanced pheromones.” Due to the drugs effect, Pepper would have had sex with Killian. The villain would then broadcast the act across the world while Tony was shopping to do his whole MacGyver act. Marvel was reportedly “not keen” on the idea of Tony seeing his gal pal’s sex tape while shopping at the Home Depot.

After Tony‘s Home Depot trip he staged an assault on Trevor/Killian‘s compound with homemade gadgets and guns. It’s all well and good when Tony uses repulsors and rockets on his Iron Man armor, but some weren’t too thrilled with Tony using an actual gun. Black said if you had a problem with it he doesn’t’ care:

I don’t give a shit about how many times Tony Stark pulls a trigger on a gun. Marvel can rein me in all they want, but I’m not going to go to Marvel and say, ‘How can I make your hero less realistic and more heroic so it suits Disney’s needs?’ That’s not my job.

I would say if you took the job then it is indeed your ‘job’ to do what Marvel and Disney would like, but Black made a bunch of money so I guess that’s the only thing that matters. And in case you were ever wondering if we would get a Demon in the Bottle adaptation, Black says they tried to do that but the storyline would “never be a go” with Marvel. Black and Pearce are straight shooters to say the least. They were very candid about their ideas and what they originally had thought would make a great story. Iron Man 3 was incredibly divisive, and if some of the things mentioned above made it in it would divide audiences even more. Luckily Marvel put a halt to the Pepper Potts sex tape. I guess we can give them a little credit for the Trevor stuff since they stopped something far worse. You can read the full rundown of the event by clicking here. What do you think about Black and Pearce‘s comments?

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