Shailene Woodley May Not Be Mary Jane In Amazing Spider-Man 2, But Neither Is Sarah Gadon: Plus Green Goblin News


mary janeThe Mary Jane Watson brouhaha continues. The other day we heard that Shailene Woodley‘s scenes were going to be cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because director Marc Webb wanted to “streamline the film.Mary Jane is going to be shifted to the third film instead of having to vie for attention from characters like Electro, Rhino, possibly a winged villain who may or may not be showing up this time, Harry and Norman Osborn. The second that news hit many started to think that Woodley was going to be recast. She is getting ready to star in Divergent, and that’s being set up as the first movie in a big new franchise. Her schedule probably wouldn’t allow for Spider-Man 3 and 4. Then there was the incredibly negative backlash from internet commentors when the first set pics of Woodley as Mary Jane hit the web. People were saying she wasn’t “pretty enough” and that she looked more like “Mary Plain.” Then Sarah Gadon came on the scene.

Yesterday rumors started circulating that actress Sarah Gadon would be joining the cast of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and that she would be taking over for Woodley as Mary Jane. This gained a little more steam when ET Canada learned from the actress later that night that she had indeed joined the film. Everyone started to connect the dots, but it seems there are no dots to connect. Sarah Gadon has cleared up the controversy, after several trade reporters tried to tell people she wasn’t Mary Jane, that she has indeed joined the film but she IS NOT Mary Jane. You can see her Tweet below. To play devil’s advocate, many actors and actresses play the denial game and with the controversy of Woodley being dropped from the film Webb and Sony are undoubtedly wanting to talk about other things for now.


green goblinFrom one troubling bit of news to another- Green Goblin‘s suit. MovieWeb say they have gotten ahold of a description of the Green Goblin suit Chris Cooper will be wearing. They say that Norman will make the change in this film and he’ll be a big part of the story’s climax as Green Goblin. Here’s how they describe the suit:

Green Goblin’s suit will be made up entirely of matte black armor that resembles a hi-tech motocross suit. The suit will remain open-faced, and there will be no helmet at all. Norman will have green hair that is spiked high up. In his ears, he will be wearing a Bluetooth device that will make it look as though he has the Green Goblin’s signature pointed ears, the same way Selina Kyle’s goggles worked in creating the illusion that she had cat ears. The back of the armor has a spine. At the moment, there are no green accents. From a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Tony Stark’s signature Mark XLII armor had been painted black.

I try to stay pretty fair and balanced writing article, but that description sounds absolutely horrendous. It may well look head and shoulder better on film than it sounds on paper, but that makes you worry a little. It sounds like it will borrow some cues from the Broadway play Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. What do you think about the Woodley and Green Goblin news? Does this make you a little nervous about The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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Source : MovieWeb