Season Two Of GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Would Have Focused On The Sinestro Corps And Blackest Night


green-lantern-the-animated-seriesIt’s all a bit of a shame really. Cartoon Network will have some amazing cartoons, such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, and with out any rhyme or reason cancel them flat out. Green Lantern especially had really found a niche among fans and was really hitting its stride in terms of story telling. But alas the show was canceled and most fans were left to their imagination as to where the show might go for it’s second season.

That was until now! Show runners Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg sat down with The Podcast Of Oa to talk about what they had planned for the show. I encourage you to follow the source link at the bottom and listen to the podcast, because they did a great job with it. However, thanks to The Outhouse, you can check out the highlights below:

  • 1358544016Season 2 would again have been split up into two parts. The first thirteen episodes of Season 2 would have been about the Sinestro Corps. Of course, Sinestro’s role in the series would have been expanded on.
  • The later thirteen episodes would be based around Blackest Night. For the adaptation, the show would have used the body count from the series and not of the comics.It would have been creepy and cost-saving, they joked.
  • John Stewart was going to be the next human Green Lantern to be introduced.
  • Alan Scott (via an alternate universe as hinted in the “Steam Lantern” episode) and Kyle Rayner were going to appear in the series as well. The later was going to appear near the Blackest Night portion.  Giancarlo had a great idea to set him up as a GL fanboy. If they had an additional season, the Fifth Human GL Simon Baz would have shown up.
  • Of course, the very first part of the podcast was about why the series floundered. Not because of bad ratings, but due to the fact the series couldn’t land a toyline thanks to markets being leery due to the live-action Green Lantern movie toyline bombing hard. So yes, the show’s existence relied on toy sales. The series was costly and they hoped to make money on the sales to fund more episodes. Demographics or ratings were never the issue on why the series was canceled.
  • They compared their the show’s demise to that of Tron: Uprising, both having been made with the assumption that the live-action movie was going to make a large amount of money. Instead, the movies flopped and the ripple effect caused both shows to be canceled.GL_Ep9_01
  • There was talk of animated movies (mostly on the Young Justice side of things) to tie-up loose ends and give fans something more. Executives said no and decided to incorporate the New 52 into animated movies instead. “It’s all about the next thing. Not the last thing.”
  • Just a little bit of the series finale was changed due to knowledge of the show not being renewed. Both Volpe and Krieg didn’t go into it.
  • Both Frieg and Volpe don’t blame Stu Snyder for the loss of Green Lantern: The Animated Series or take any pleasure in his recent resignation as head of Cartoon Network.
  • Volpe is out of Warner Bros animation department, and is currently with Riot Games. Frieg is still writing for Warner Bros Animation (having last written the Flashpoint: Paradox), along with Spooksville.

So there you have it. More human Green Lanterns, Sinestro Crops, Blackest Night and a failed series that will give fans another reason to hate the live action movie. It’s hard telling whether or not Warner Brothers would ever revive the show in the form of an animated movie or not. The odds of that aren’t likely, but hey, us fans can dream can’t we? Check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on all DC Animation.


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Source : Podcast Of Oa