Sean Maher Is Voicing Dick Grayson In An Animated Feature, But Is It SON OF BATMAN?


dick graysonSean Maher may best be known for his role as Dr. Simon Tam on Firefly, but the actor will be making a splash in the comic book world when he appears on the mid-season premiere of Arrow tomorrow night as Mark Scheffer, better known to comic book fans as Shrapnel. Arrow‘s version of Shrapnel won’t be a big, metallic villain like some are used to seeing, instead Shrapnel will be an explosives expert and possible member of the Suicide Squad. In addition to his upcoming role on the hit CW show, Maher will be voicing Dick Grayson in an upcoming animated project. Exactly what that project may be we don’t know, but we have a good guess.

Speaking with ComicBookResources about what drew him to the role in Arrow, the actor gave few details about the role but said he had a lot of fun with it. More interestingly, he revealed that he is doing some work on a DC animate feature or two. When asked if he could imagine himself in a Marvel or DC movie, the actor said:

I would love any of them, really. Yeah, I’ve been finding my place in the DC Universe. I’m doing DC animated features. I’ve been doing the voice of Dick Grayson. It’s funny, because I’m like, “Here I am in the DC comic book world and my dear friend [Joss Whedon], who I love so much, is the king of the Marvel world.”
I love the comic book and sci-fi genre. For me, as an actor, they allow you to step into the world of imagination because it supersedes reality. It’s so much fun. I’m just going to say goodbye to reality, right, and step into this world where things don’t actually exist in my everyday life. To just play in the world of imagination is so much fun. Anytime I can do that, I’m grateful.

Now DC doesn’t have any new cartoons for TV in the works that we know of, but they do have two Bat-themed animated movies on the horizon. Justice League: War will soon be released on Blu-ray/DVD, and one of the special features is the first look at Son of Batman. There’s also an Arkham themed feature on the way, but Dick doesn’t really fit. Nightwing was a DLC character in the games but it doesn’t sound like the games and the movie will be in lock step. My money is on Son of Batman, but we’ll just have to wait and see. There could be some real meaty stuff for Maher considering Damie Wayne (the son of Batman) first worked with Dick when he took over the mantle of Batman. Regardless, Maher is voicing Dick Grayson in something. What do you think about that choice?

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