Sean Astin’s Brush With Superhero Movies: Daredevil and Fantastic Four


This was some nerd news inside some nerd news, a nerdception if you will. Sean Astin was chatting with MTV about his upcoming show on Nickelodeon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Astin will be donning the red mask and bringing a voice to Raphael in the new interpretation of everyone’s favorite turtles. The show debuts this Saturday and has Jason Biggs, Rob Paulsen, and Greg Cripes rounding out the turtles. If you want to read all his turtle remarks, you can click here. What really jumped out was Astin’s comments on comic books. Read on.

Astin talks about how he was a little too old for the first Turtles toon when it came out, but the conversation shifted from toons and turtles to comics. When asked if he had been following animation and comics for a while, or if he has an interest in comics Astin revealed that he had a few brush in with Marvel comics after his turn on Lord of the Rings.

Well, I wasn’t a comic book kid at all. So growing up, something about the way the panels were drawn, it was always too much for me to get my head into. But after I came back from Lord of the Rings, and I was trying to figure out the next thing I was going to do, I remember auditioning for Daredevil. And I didn’t know anything about Daredevil and I said, “You know what, I need to figure out what this comic book thing is all about.”

And so I went and bought 20 [trades] and I was with my friend’s house and my wife and kids were outside playing, having a barbecue–this is a very specific memory for me–I was sitting to a chair, off to the side and there was a plane landing overhead and all of a sudden I felt this really powerful thing like I was going into the comic book, like the comic book world was sucking me in. And once I was in it, I could almost look around corners, and I cared about the friendships and relationships, and I wasn’t as distracted by the dialog bubbles and the description boxes. And so I pored right through all of those.


While Astin was one of those comic book snooty people, he did come around somewhat:

I have an English degree in American Literature and Culture, so I think I was always snobby about comic books. But what I realized in that day, in that moment, was that there was as much literary significance and power in terms of the ability to communicate with an audience that I didn’t really appreciate before.


Besides auditioning for Daredevil, as Foggy Nelson, Astin came close to directing the Fantastic Four movie:

I wanted to direct Fantastic Four and I put in this huge bid to direct it, and I remember going to Golden Apple Comics in New York and buying every [trade] that they had and reading through it. So I don’t read them for pleasure, but my appreciation for the artistic side of it just kept growing. And you have to develop a vocabulary for how to relate to it.

Astin is a pretty talented actor, so he might have dodged a bullet on the Daredevil flick. The idea of him directing F4 is intriguing though. While he has his hands full with turtles and isn’t a complete comics guy, it would be exciting to see him involved with the superheroes in some way. Can you think of a character you’d like him to play or a property he could direct? Sound off below!

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Source : MTV Geek