SDCC ’13: Wolverine’s Origin Is Being Explored Again In Wolverine: Origin II


wolverineIn 2002 writer Paul Jenkins and artist Andy Kubert pulled back the curtain and gave us the untold story of Wolverine‘s origins. The series showed us young James Howlett, a sickly little boy born in Canada in the 19th century who would eventually grow up to become Marvel‘s most fearsome butt kicker. 11 years later Marvel will be returning to that well for Wolverine: Origin II with writer Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert (original artist Andy Kubert‘s brother). The announcement was made Friday at Comic-Con, but CBR caught up with Gillen later on to find out about the return trip to Wolverine‘s past.

The writer said the chance to write an X-Men related book again, and Wolverine at that, was the biggest thing that drew him to the project. Art by the amazing Adam Kubert didn’t hurt either. The comic book scribe teased where we’ll find Wolverine in the opening pages of the sequel:

I believe the first series ended in 1898. We’re picking things up a few years later, and Logan has been living in the woods all that time. When we last saw him in “Origin,” he had killed his first love and rejected humanity by deciding he would go run with the wolves for awhile.

So that’s where he’s been. It’s a beautiful, graphic image and a nice place to start our story. I used the word novel earlier, and that’s very much what this feels like. Yes, “Origin II” is a sequel, hence the roman numerals in the title, but I wanted this to be a real concentrated story about these classic Marvel characters done in a very stripped down style. People can pick this up by itself, read it, and get it. I’ve described the story as a period novel, which might turn some people off, but the plot is pretty much “White Fang.” Jack London is a big influence on this story. Our protagonist is a savage beast at the start, and it’s basically a return to civilization story — whatever that means. Because sometimes civilization comes off more than a bit animalistic.

Gillen also teased the involvement of characters like Mister Sinister, though he’ll only be Nathaniel Essex in this story, and possibly Sabretooth. It was hinted pretty strongly that we’ll see some of the reasons Wolverine and Sabretooth are mortal enemies. The story will see what happens when Wolverine is pulled back into the civilized world, his interactions with the mad scientist who will become Mister Sinister, and what happens before he fell in love with  Silver Fox. Gillen says he’ll be showing some of the events that form the missing link in Wolverine‘s history. You can read the full interview by clicking the source link below. What do you think about Gillen and Kubert following up Origin? Will you be checking this one out in November?

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Source : ComicBookResources